When to Get Your SEO Consultant

If your business is looking for an SEO consultant to monitor your company presence on the internet, you need to know a few things … One thing I hate seeing a company is a so-called " "to pay SEO to find out that the business really ponders because they have no other reference frame … It drives the nuts because there are a lot of so-called consultants out there that stuck in the 1990's still. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering one:

1.) If the SEO consultant ALBSESSED with alt tags, it's time new. Alt tags are nothing more than an address that is placed on an image on a web page. The alt tag is primarily for accessibility, not for placing your site in the top ten of Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

2.) Do your consultant have their own website? Can you find it? If they do not find them, can they give you advice on how to find them?

3.) Is the SEO Consultant constantly advising you to add more keywords to meta keywords? This tag is not necessarily important for SEO success, in fact, Google does not pay any attention. Anyone can upload a lot of keywords to a website. Some fire.

4. Do your consultant know the interpretation of Google Analytics and make informed choices about how to go ahead with your site? The time the ad was delivered.

5.) Does your SEO consultant insist on sending your website to 10,000 search engines and directories? Time for part-time work. What search engine does it use if you need a product or service?

6.) Does your SEO consultant like to blame others for the lack of presence in search engines? There are times when terrible web design or programming may interfere with SEO, your SEO consultant should have looked into the web site before initiating any litigation.

7.) If your consultant has never heard Yahoo's search engine discoverers, MSN Live search tools, or Google webmaster tools, Google is a new search engine marketing expert.

8.) If your SEO consultant is unable to make a paragraph, much less optimizing one, it's time to fly. There is a real art that optimizes the copy for a website if you do not realize it is optimized and optimized by a professional.

9.) If your SEO advisor has occupied the keywords and non-quality content to nourish your prospects, tell them to take a walk. TRUE optimization for site visitors, search engines need to come second.

10. If your advisor does not submit a report or proactive, send the pack. Find a relationship with an internet marketing company that is committed to growth.

Spend your time learning the basics of SEO before you take anybody. I suggest that "Truth about Search Engine Marketing" is fast and well-founded.

Source by Thomas Jelneck

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