What's the ridge about mycrotum? How to Line to Determine Gender and Sexuality

As a woman I naturally appreciate and I am curious about male anatomy design and have always been fascinated by the slightly raised line that appears to be the skeleton's connection.

It is known as perineal raphe, anus, through the skull's midline (where scrotal raphe is) and up the backline (A penis raphe) This remarkable line is due to the phenomenon of fetal development where the skull (Equivalent to my feminine eye) and the penis approaches the centerline and fuses What causes the back of the fabric This backbone tissue develops when genetic coding decides to be a fetus boy. If things go differently, the tissue would have been the lips of the mouthpiece and the tip of the penis would have been the clitoris.

If you look at the upward V shaped by the vagina, the uterus and the tubular tubes, and then the penis and the head-down V shape of the testicles will show how it works.

In cases where genetic signs become cloudy, One thing or the other, and none of them work properly.

Thinking this way, the wonder of a whole fetus and pregnancy is quite extraordinary. My friend, who explained this genetic question to me, goes much deeper.

Homophobic arguments are that people are "unnatural" or "perverted" homosexuals or those who are termed "body dysmorphia," where all have one sex, but the others. People also think that Hermaphrodites (from the fusion of Hermes and Aphrodite) are non-normative genetic mutations.

The point is that we are all hermaphroditic to a certain point in our development when X or Y chromosomes must meet their potential towards a gender perspective. 19459002 Sometimes for some reason the body develops in a way, and the mind is confused or crossed by the other (Body Dysmorphia) or genes (Hermaphrodit), or it all seems to be okay in the entire sex-specific arena, but Sexual interest is directed to their own sex, which is likely to be very mild bodydrismorphy

Quite natural, though incorrectly developed, questions are evident in probative similarities, not least by perineal raphe but by internal and external sexual organs :

The female and prostate G-spots in men cause deeper and more clammy pelvic orgasms.

The fact that men are still "totally useless" nipples and they do not seem to be a cause. ]

The fact that high-dose steroids that directly induce hormonal reactions can still produce transgenic mutations in a human's hirsuteness, tone, and both organ and bone form


The superficial The intensity of clitoris / glans penis orgasm

The appearance of the clitoris (which swims under tumesces) and the penis with the penis. Briefly, we all resemble each other as we think, and only genetic irregularities make us male / female Normal … and hot or a mammal Man / woman trapped in the other choir The body of the body is not a perverse choice. It is only the unfortunate way that the creature who developed in this way and should live in an ignorant society

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