What's new in Drupal 8 for customers and end users?

Freezing the Drupal 8 feature that has yet been launched, there have been many speculation. In the web arena there is a dispute about whether the updated version of Drupal CMS deserves to ease the workload of the developer sister.

Everyone was talking about what features were introduced in this version so that developers would make smooth sailing for developers. The development features cover all reflections. But there is one thing that everyone is missing. This is the effect of the advanced features of the CMS platform on end users and customers. What do end users expect when Drupal 8 reaches the market? Are they preferred? Will I have something new for them? Or they get the same old school route as Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 do. Well, ask for an answer.

Drupal Version 8 for Clients and End Users Location, the Drupal community is not only plagued by the developer's brotherhood. Rather, it focuses on Drupal's user-centered platform. Many changes have been proposed to increase the usability of CMS. Here are two important suggestions – an overview of content creation and mobile device compatibility.

Content authoring: Drupal exerted pressure on the usability of the content management system for the actual users of the site – the people who put the site in the long run and moved to another project. Drupal's usability team has made a number of analyzes in this area and has put forward proposals for refurbishing the CMS content editor system. These include users who are able to save a post from the published version, from the real preview of the content and the creator of the content creator. In addition, Acquia has launched a project called Spark, focusing on areas such as responsive devices, in-line editing, dashboards, and many other content-related improvisations.

Mobile Device Compatibility: For the next three to five years, mobile devices dramatically facilitate the use of counters. Since this time frame coincides with the Drupal 8 development lifecycle, it is essential that the Drupal mobile is ready.

The mobile initiative has three major cutouts, which are:

Mobile Friendly Administrative Tools: CMS Function Default Administration Tools Absolutely Well Desktop Computers and Other Large Screens Are not as effective on mobile devices. Drupal offers 8 prototype solutions to solve the problem.

Related topics: Default themes will be ready for respondents, Laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones,

Front-end performance: Your site's background performance requires stringent efforts, but technically the typical request is 80% in the front.

Mobile devices have lower bandwidth and less powerful processors. So to optimize performance in the foreground, it is essential to make quick responses.

Updated versions of CMS are not only aimed at refining the development process, but also for re-mapping the user experience. The same applies to Drupal 8. This version includes a lot of things for both end-users and customers.

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