What type of visa does a Phuket visit need?

When traveling to Thailand, it is important that we get the right visa so that immigration can not get into hot water. Forget everything you've heard about bribes and bargain on the table when it comes to your visa, do not treat it like a street-shirt t-shirt. Phuket International Airport and ferry ports are also available.

Thailand provides visa in most countries upon arrival. If you arrive by plane, for example at Phuket International Airport, you will receive 30 days for tourism. You can not work on this visa.

If you arrive on land in Thailand (Phuket is not possible), you will receive a 15-day visa upon arrival on new immigration laws. This can cause pain for travelers who stay in Thailand for more than a week.

At some land borders, officers will be calling on the next road to make sure they will not stay long. Likewise, some airlines will be asked to see the approaching travel documents before they can even afford a Phuket flight. This may be annoying if plans are not made in stone but it is worth buying a cheap air ticket from one Thai airline. You can also change your dates without extra cost.

The most sensible thing is that all tourists hoping to spend some time in Phuket will buy a tourist visa from a Thailand consular office in Thailand. These visas will generally give you 60 days, with the option to extend to any of the Thai Immigration Offices for another 30 days. This will save the annoyance of spending the days and make a visa. Again, however, you can not work on a tourist visa or change your status for a non-immigrant visa. You must leave the country for a non-visa visa and go to a consular office in Thailand. Another recently introduced Thai Immigration Act states that tourists should not stay in the country for more than 90 days over 180 days. This means that from the first entry date only in the country can be 90 out of the procedure 180 days. On January 1, enter Phuket and stay for three months, then leave for three months and will not be able to return by the end of June.

Whatever you do, do not exceed your visa as it can get you in trouble and waste your money.

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