What to Do in Downtown Charleston, West Virginia

You can not think of Charleston as a hot spot where you can visit. After all, this city is not a well-known tourist destination like New York City. However, this city still has many attractions, and it is a popular place for kick back and relaxation. The center of Charleston is a warm and friendly place where many history, culture and interesting activities await you. Let's take a look.

If you're in downtown Charleston, do not forget to visit the state capital's building and see the black squirrel. This historic milestone offers a lot of information about the city and was designed by Architect Cass Gilbert, US Treasury Building Designer, and US Supreme Court Buildings in Washington DC. It is a magnificent architectural attraction and is also great for history buffs. It's on the River Kanawha.

If you like history, the West Virginia State History Museum is a great choice as well as the famous "Lincoln Walks In The Night" statue. During the summer, the city offers a wide range of festivals that visitors can enjoy and offer a wide variety of visitors and restaurants all year round. Although you can not think of West Virginia as a cosmopolitan place, Charleston offers many ethnic cuisine from the Japanese to the Mexican to the American. Local arts and crafts offer unique shopping opportunities.

If you do not want to spend too much, you will not get in trouble. There are plenty of free things for travelers in Charleston. Take a look at the June Art Festival. Live on the Levee offers free summer music on Kanawha River every Friday. The historic East End district offers stunning self-guided hiking and a wonderful garden game in June.

The third Thursday of each month is the Charleston Art Walk, the art gallery of Charleston downtown. The State Cultural Center provides a wealth of information about the state's cultural, historical and artistic heritage, free public access, and the nearby Criel Mound is freely accessible and is only five minutes from downtown. Architects and design enthusiasts will enjoy the Charleston Loft Walk, the downtown private residence, which is a lot of fun.

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