What to do if your name is incorrectly entered on the Schengen visa?

After you've passed the Schengen visa application and finally received your visa, the last thing you want to see is spelling or other mistake. But these things happen, so please make sure the visa information is correct.

Situations have recently occurred when a Schengen embassy made a mistake on the client's visa label. Both the visa applicant and the Schengen consulate are responsible for verifying whether all the data provided by the visitor is compliant with the biopoint passport information.

We recommend that you carefully review all Schengen visa information when you receive your passport. Do it before leaving the visa center where the visa application has been processed. If you have special deliveries ordered, you must ensure that all the information in the visa stamp is correct. What should you check in particular? Passport number, first / middle name and last name. If necessary, check the dates as well. If this is an entry visa, make sure it is valid from the beginning of the holiday. Another thing to check how many days you stay in the Schengen area – you have to determine the number of days for leave.

Normally a single entry Schengen visa is issued for 30 days. Allow the holder a post and cover you for only one trip.

If any of the posts found an error, contact the Visa Center immediately by email or phone. The best solution is to go directly with your passport. Ask them to fix the problem as soon as possible.

When another customer encountered this problem, the consulate simply did not have time to change the spelling mistake in the surname, Three days after the visa was issued. You need at least 3 days to correct this error if you do this through the Visa Center as you usually take the passport to the consulate the next day, issue another visas on the second day and return it on the third day. To the Visitor Center

What can be done even if we do not have time to go directly to the consulate. You may be issuing a new visa and then the same day.

So what will happen if you do not make a mistake with the visa-corrected? Well, this depends on a few things. For example, if a consulate contacted your name or last name – one or two bad letters – it may not be a big deal and probably good for the habit (even if you have time, contact the consul and how the visa has changed!) But if you see that the visa shows a completely different name or passport number, you certainly can not travel with such a visa. The same applies to bad dates – the Schengen country customs officer does not want to listen to the explanation of why printed dates do not match the actual dates.

Also remember that incorrect regulations will in any case cause suspicion to a customs officer Then errors usually indicate counterfeit documents

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