What questions do you ask about psychic reading?

Have you ever had any general questions that ask a psychic question during intuitive consultation? If you're thinking of new or psychological readings and want to make some progress on some of the questions that may be helpful in psychological consultation, then you can find a good general list here.

Feel Free to change these questions to your own personal situation, make them theirs, as they only refer to general questions that you want to use at some point. Sometimes a good idea to make sure that your question is specific enough to help psychicians better align themselves with you, the more precisely a question is, the more accurately the answers that come from the psychic are formulated.

When it comes to psychic reading, you should be useful in the list of questions, no matter if you have a phone, e-mail or personal reading, ask a list of questions on a sheet of paper if necessary Only if you Think you will forget any of them. Keep in mind that only a certain amount of time passes by the psychic, so your question prioritizes the most important ones at that time. There is nothing worse than to forget your most valuable question while reading and discovering after you missed it. This can happen because the excitement of the moment of reading can be picked up.

General Questions for Psychic Reading

  • I'm lost and confused who am I?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • I'm not happy. Why? How to become happy?
  • What other people's opinions about me?
  • Why are I doing the way I do it?
  • Why do I always find myself in recurring situations – again and again?
  • Relationships to Psychic Readings

    • Tell about my future about relationships in general.
    • Tell me about my future with regard to my current romantic relationship.
    • I met someone who loves him very much. Do you have any guidance on this?
    • Will I meet someone with whom you completely click? When? Tell this person if possible.
    • I really love someone. What are my feelings against me?
    • Someone recently left me. Could you better understand this situation?
    • I feel my partner is unhappy in our relationship, why?
    • I'm not happy about our relationship, would you help me understand it better?
    • Financial Questions Psychic Readings

      • Tell me about my future about funding in general.
      • My financial situation is currently difficult. Does this change?
      • My financial situation is good at this moment. Is this likely to continue?
      • How can I improve my financial position?
      • I'm thinking of a big purchase. Any guidance what will happen here?
      • I'm thinking of a big sale. Any guidance what will happen here?
      • Career Issues Psychological Reading

        • My career is about talking about my future.
        • Tell me about my future about my current career.
        • What is your most appropriate career / work for me?
        • Would I continue my current career or transition to something else?
        • Why am I so unhappy in my present career?
        • I'm looking at my new career. Will I continue this?
        • I'm considering a new course. Will I continue this?
        • I was looking for work. What will happen?
        • Tell the family of my future.

        Travel related issues for Psychic readings

      • Tell Your Future About the Trip
      • Will I be in the near future?
      • Do you have to travel now or later?
      • Health Issues for Psychic Reading

        • Tell me about my future in terms of health.
        • Tell me about my future about my own health.

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