What political party did Abraham Lincoln have with him?

Barack Obama is democratic. Most people know this. What many do not know is that Mr. Obama is seeking the most politic (and now presidential) inspiration and leadership … was a Republican …

That's right. Barack Obama hero, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Lincoln was not just a Republican. He was the founder of the Republican Party, and the first Republican was the president.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin. Its main purpose was to stop slavery from spreading to western areas. Lincoln took part in the Whig Party, largely unbundled. Since Lincoln personally opposed slavery, he found the platform of the Republican Party the most. 19459002

The first Republican who ran as president was John C. Fremont in 1856. But Fremont's appeal is largely regional, and James Buchanan defeated him. By 1860, however, things would have been different.

Before Lincoln ran for president in 1860, the campaign for the American Senate at its Illinois headquarters. Then the senators were elected by their state legislators. Lincoln was a Republican nominee for the senate, but since the Republican party was so new, he lost it. However, with the series of Lincoln debates with which the Democratic Party's resistance, Stephen Douglas, aroused great interest in the country. Lincoln followed the Senate's campaign with a series of pamphlets and speeches that captured the nation's attention. He became one of the leading voices in the expansion of slavery, and in 1860 he appeared as a Republican presidential candidate.

While the Republican Party's attractiveness is still regional (at that time in the northeast), the whole nation was regionally divided at this moment. In fact, there were four candidates for the President this year, including the rival of Lincoln's previous Senate campaign, Stephen Douglas. None of the candidates came to the majority of the referendum, but the advantage of the northeastern population was Lincoln's electoral college – the United States's 16th president and first president were Republican.

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