What is the ideal car in Namibia? 2×4 and 4×4 Car Hire in Namibia, Africa

There are a number of car rental companies in Namibia. Some are reputable, some are never recommended, and others who need to send visitors to their will and simply close the shop. So how do you make the right rental car for the Namibia holiday?

1. Align your route with journeys to travel and / or tarred.
2. Determine the number, height, weight, etc. of the passengers.
3. Determine how many packages the passengers are transporting? What size is the baggage?
4. Determine how much space you want in the vehicle?
5. Save money by renting a standard sedan, which should be uncomfortable?

If a large part of the route runs on the Trans-Caprivian and / or Trans-Kalahari Highway, a two to four (2×4) better option. Why two times four (2×4) and not a standard sedan? In a standard sedan, it is just too close to the gravel when it comes from paved roads; The Etosha National Park, the Waterberg Plateau and the Cheetah Conservation are examples of times when you leave the asphalt road. This means that travel is bumpy, uncomfortable and slow, and the tires are more likely to blow. Travel four or four (4×4) to pay for extra costs with smoother and higher reliability.

Travelers in Namibia, over and over, I'm glad they chose four or four (4×4) One Sedan or two or four or four (2×4). Although most routes never require "real" off-road four-wheelers, the benefits and conveniences of the four-way (4×4) are many. The most obvious 4×4 (4×4) has a lot of distance between you and the ground, allowing you to maintain speed and smooth running. More than usual, they are more spacious.

Every traveler, especially within a limited time frame, prays for uncomfortable freedom. Pebble roads in Namibia can be rough and dangerous. Sharp stones, especially along the C19 road leading to Sossusvlei, and the thorns of the Etosha National Park often pierce the tires, so passengers in the distant corridors receive little instructions. In four-four (4×4) leases, tires are stronger and more reliable than sedans. Four to four (4×4) leaseholders or even specialized tenants are lending their customers sometimes with two spare wheels and an air compressor.

Only 10-12 days in Namibia, travelers often follow the same route – Wodhoek, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha NP – travel between paved and pebble roads. Do you enjoy spending your time in the middle of Namib-Naukluft just because you saved a few dollars? 19459002

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