What is the difference between multiculturalism and melting torch?

When we talk about the diversity of society, people often use two terms: multiculturalism and melting pot. Often, the two terms are used interchangeably, but their meanings are different. The most important difference between multiculturalism and the melting chamber is the prospect of the flowering of different cultural groups in society or whether society has a culture. In this concept, different cultures are united and form a unique culture based primarily on dominant culture in society. This is not a concept that critics consider to be very favorable because they believe that this concept does not tolerate different cultures and places excessive emphasis on maintaining a dominant culture. On the other hand, supporters of this concept feel that the flourishing of different cultures allows for unbundling and sharing of society.

However, the latter view of the melting chamber is not accepted by everyone. Some people feel that society has a large number of cultures. This is called multiculturalism. Some historians and social scientists are multiculturalism as something positive for society. However, both crucible and multiculturalism are not a perfect model for diversity, and the impact of the model on society depends on legislation or lack of legislation in the country.

Some Western Countries Just as the US initially had the attitude when it led to the diversity of society. In the 1980s, however, the attitude towards multiculturalism was sometimes changed. The main reason for this was the tension between the dominant culture and other cultures.

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