What is in China?

In recent years, we've put a lot of new words into our regular vocabulary and many have come from the Internet. Though most likely we used them, Google is a search substitution work. It is conceivable that you can answer any questions, topics, or information to any question by entering some important words and using the term "Googling it." Imagine this situation when you want to find out about a trip to South East Asia and only find "Googled" that you get very little results. You probably think, "That's funny, I know Thailand and Vietnam are very popular tourist destinations and newspapers and magazines, travel forums and chat rooms, information spots about famous attractions, etc." Then you will notice on the Google Results page that some sites have been blocked due to politically sensitive content on your site or just because your site is not an accepted source. Suddenly, the information era became dark because the only information he had to know is what the facility says it knows. Why do I tell you this and what is it about a firewall or China? Well, the four biggest players in the business world, even though the world of the Internet has dealt with the one-party Chinese government, while restricting the content and access of Chinese Internet users. These companies who accidentally are strongly competitors, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo and probably the most amazing of Google. I say that Google is the most amazing since they are the youngest of the four companies and have invested so much in the industry to provide free and universal access to information policy that includes visions such as providing free wireless internet the big cities. Basically, this means that Chinese users will find access to information with severely compromised information when using the Internet services provided by these companies and, as I said, this potentially goes beyond specifically politically sensitive information. You can only limit your sites because they can come from a source or territory that can withstand the Chinese government. In case you are curious, Cisco is a company that provides networking tools to most large corporations and governments around the world. According to many estimates, 80% to 90% of Internet traffic passes through Cisco devices, which means they can hinder or create computer terminology and firewall for China and the rest of the world.

If you did not notice that this was serious, a Chinese journalist was jailed for 10 years to publish a negative comment on the government at a regular discussion forum. Now, China has about 30,000 computer police officers who are responsible for tracking such people. When it was found that it came from a normal Yahoo mail account, Yahoo local authorities were given the name of the person and claimed that they would soon be imprisoned. Perhaps you have decided that Google does not have any mail server in China. At present, the four companies in the United States all question Congressional hearings about dealing with the Chinese government and whether their censorship based on political grounds is in conflict with US interests and laws. The general answers of all companies have so far been reported that it is better for the Chinese to have access to some information, but not at all. In addition, there are 110 million Internet users and growing in China, making it a very lucrative area for these organizations. However, we would all be pleased that the involvement of the US government contributes to resolving the problem, which is happening illegally. China threatened to establish its own World Wide Web if companies do not complain about their standards that will divide the Internet twice and are disastrous in global trade and social relations. For a country that organizes an Olympics within two years, it receives a large number of tourists, especially from the Western world, and enjoys economic benefits.

to open their country to capitalism, this shows that there is still a long way ahead for China to attain the global economic and political supremacy they are intended for. China's recent successes are based on increased interconnection with the world and go backwards, as they only postpone their own successes.


Source by CJ Jacobs

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