What is Bloom?

You've never heard of Bloom before, but it's a Blogger. The concept is simple, uses a blog like the format, and chapters are published. Others come and comments that are important to keep up-to-date, an eternal interactive book online in digital format; It's alive and growing with human information.

Not where the future e-books are going to be – Think Web 3.0! Recently I had the opportunity to watch the first Blook and found it interesting, it is certain that it is only in the first stage and waiting for input and further development, but the boy has the opportunity. In fact, I have some comments on this project, and I find that I'm a retired franchise, so that's the way I've been thinking.

"Blooks" and Be a huge social networking system. And all the components, chapters, posts, or whatever you choose to call, must be linked through an integrated search engine.

Why? Simple, Blooks will be multimedia with video, interactive virtual reality, sound, pictures, etc. And new Internet 2.0 and 3.0 people will read Blook about space station plans and read something about that type of material. This can lead them to the raw materials and to the country where they produce what another Blook would be in the country, its industrial economic capacity and international trade.

You can once move There are other industries that use this raw material or what other mineral extracts are exported to a nation or similar nations with similar economic performance. Because this is how the mind works, how people use the future of the internet and how information flows.

So how would that be the case? Well, that's what I meant. You see, you can write people who want to write books but cut off the publishing sector and do not have the tools they need.

Blook provides the platform For a "live book" that will grow and become more accurate and up-to-date by day, rather than old and outdated. Thus, the original author or editor can start and grow from there, you can assign a new editor or a subsequent author; Preserving old archived chapters and growing new features, new information.

From now on, blogs are terrible for people with lots of information, like I do, for example, because things are buried Easy, can not be searched and people click and click. Most blogs can not contain much "information" about rant and rave, and this is about the other thing.

Most e-books are flat, 2D, and begin to get outdated in .pdf from the day You write, I know because I've made 10 so far. The forums and the BBS type systems are organized but scattered and include "non-annotated content" if you want. Some BBS or billboards are eventually turned off and deny the comments because the participants are ruining things unless they are constantly watching. There is something about anonymity and the Internet that allows people to act and attack a child, without anyone coming to or near justice. That's a shame; The Blooks "social network library" is the modern day equivalent created by Andrew Carnegie on his day, a great gift to the world; Interactive, multimedia, virtual reality books. This is actually the future of literature. Who can deny it? Think for a moment, have you been in Bloom lately?

Source by Lance Winslow

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