What is Blogger? The simple truth

What is a blogger. In today's information age this is a popular question
which many people are asking for. In reality, a blogger
can be compared to a philosopher. Usually a frequently updated
personal diary. In some cases,
a company may use a more personal
connection with the client.

Usually a blogger creates a blog about a topic that is of interest to
. So, for example, if a football
is fanatic, you can start your blog in your favorite team.
In many cases, the topic may be an event that is of interest to

The great advantage of this platform is that it can easily do this
. There are free platforms such as
Blogger and WordPress that allow you to create your posts
with a graphical WYSIWYG interface that does not require
technical knowledge.

If a blog becomes popular and generates significant traffic
the owner can replace this
media with the ad. The most popular form of ads
is Google Adsense. If you use Blogger, you have even integrated
into the interface, as it is owned by Google. So there is only one
question to choose some predefined layouts to display your

A typical "post" would consist of an opinion on a topic and
refers to other posts or websites. The blog carnivals are always
to search for high quality articles, and these
exist in almost every topic. Blogs also use social
media to share popular posts.

I'm sure if you experiment with this type of release
you find it impressive as I do.

Source by Mark A. Abrahams

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