What is Amigurumi?

It comes from Japan and is popular worldwide, with amigurumi crochet or knit garments that are usually around the circle. Amigurumi is a complex word, consisting of Japanese "ami" (knit, crochet or string) and "nuigurumi" (literally "sewing and packing" – refers to a variety of sewn stuffings).

Amugurumi Most often babies Or animals, but also in the form of all kinds of inanimate objects, often with cute faces and additions. Amigurumi is cute, showing a long way to explaining their appeal, but it's fast and easy, especially compared to more traditional crocheted projects. They use very small amounts of material, both cheaper and portable. Techniques are easy to learn, as the games are usually processed only with a crochet, that is, great beginner projects.

Fantastic, personalized gifts are also made


The history of amigurumi is quite blurry. The technique was made in China, where dolls were made from ancient times, but there is not much evidence that they have become popular over the last ten or twenty years. In the 1970s, the "kawaii" (cute) culture in Japan was explosive when they were like Hello Kitty, and the golden Japanese occupation really started. At the end of the 1980s, the Japanese national broadcaster NHK introduced itself as an "Ami" and the amigurum madness was born. In 2002, the Japanese Amigurumi Association was established, which shares information and promotes amigurum design.

Nowadays, the "amigurumi" search in the Amazon of Japan returns nearly 200 patterns and nearly 300 sets of samples,. This does not include hundreds of millions of patterns that are available on the internet, usually indie designers.

Amigurum Construction

Spheres or bullets and tubes that worked in the circle. Some prefer spiral work, others prefer circular circles. The simple amigurum is often made of one piece, complete with filling as they work. For more sophisticated designs, there may be extra tubes or flat shapes, such as arms, legs and ears, which need to be machined separately and then sewn with a spool.

The amigurumi basic stitch is a crochet as it is a solid material with fewer holes.

Does it seem interesting? Why not learn crochet an amigurum ?

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