What is a NVOCC or non-shipping operator for a joint carrier?

Non-navigable joint carrier or NVOCC used in the ocean cargo and freight industry. NVOCC is a consortium consolidator. Freight consolidators offer a variety of transportation services to many customers around the world. Services provided by freight consolidators may include packaging and cargo delivery, cargo transportation, shipment, and berthing to the port or to the house or house.

NVOCC operates as a freight carrier by issuing cargo ships. A cargo ticket, also known as B / L or BOL, issued by the carrier to the consignor. The bill of lading acknowledges that they were on board the cargo vessel to transport goods to a specific destination and to the forwarder. Probably one of NVOCC's most important facts is that an NVOCC takes responsibility for ocean freight but NVOCC does not have a cargo ship.

To become an NVOCC in the United States To receive the U.S. Overseas Carrier (OTI) license from the US Federal Maritime Committee. All companies applying for an OTI must successfully pass the multi-step process used by the Federal Maritime Commission's Certification and Licensing Office. As part of the NVOCC certification and licensing process, companies evaluate their experience and ability to successfully deliver OTI services that comply with the Shipping Act and the Federal Maritime Commission's rules.

A good and reliable non-navigating operator with a joint carrier like Cargo Experts . Perhaps the most important thing is that a good NVOCC helps save money. NVOCC can help you save money in a number of ways, including the ability to consolidate shipments. Another important benefit of using a good and reliable NVOCC can help you save time. If you are not experienced with overseas cargo shipments, you may be very confused and overwhelmed. Even if you've experienced cargo delivery, it's still a good idea to search for a reliable NVOCC.

NVOCCs also help save time and frustration because they have very thorough knowledge and knowledge about cargo shipping. This includes information on the most efficient and most efficient modes of transport based on the specified destinations. It is also beneficial to use a reliable and reliable NVOCC as it can help to ensure the safety and security of ocean freight. It helps to understand cargo, packaging and pick-up, all aspects of transportation and transportation across the globe with the widest possible international transport.

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