What did you give to the dog?

I was astonished that people are getting rid of how their body works and what's in their mouths. My patients came and reported that skin problems, brain bodies and joints, bad bowel movements, headache, swollen abdomen, fatigue, and so on. Are. When I suggest you have to have a proper diet. I often hear …

"Do you think the food plays a component?" Egypt: "But my doctor said that the foods I have had nothing to do with the fact that you have diarrhea 11 times a day!"

When your dog is in the wrong skin, he is lying on the floor, diarrhea, bed and balls all day long … the first thing we ask each other …

What is it? Anyone?

I got it. This … "What did you feed the dog?"


Because what's in the dog, you have to do a lot at the other end.

What goes on the dog does a lot of the dog's health.

So, why would not this be a good advice for us too?

The first year of chiropractic school, this was my patient Matt, whose lower back caused pain in golf. He was about 24 years old. He came in with a series of adjustments and improved according to expectations. But she filled her sister, who had been in major colon surgery for a few weeks at Emory Hospital.

Emily's brother was 14 years old and had diarrhea for 7-9 times a day. It has been diagnosed in inflammatory bowel disease. All the royal horses, and every royal man (who, in my best words, was the best of doctors), told him that two thirds of his colon should be removed.

Now listen carefully. I do not agree with them. You probably needed colon surgery at this point. At this point.

From the age of 12, she was told that food was unrelated to her illness, and she could still have milk, cereal, sugar, soda and sugar. They told him that mild diet, white rice, and white bread were the best. Ginger ale, would comfort the irritated, bizarre mood in the gut. So she was drinking 3 to 5 drinks a day. After the operation, my parents came to me to run the Food Sensitivity IgG test.

It was positive for gluten, milk, cheese, yogurt and 12 other everyday meals.

We have worked through the creation of health through nutrition and some of the basics I teach. Gradually he built his strength and improved his health.

It's a sad story, but remember, at the point I saw him, he was committed to surgery. But boy I wanted to meet with the two-year "up stream" from where he was at the time of surgery. 2 more months.

Because I would have asked the question nobody would want to ask … "What did you feed the dog"?

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