What are the famous festivals in Thailand?

Songkran Festival in mid-April

in Thailand, and in the South China Dai People Communities [where the Tai originated from] in Lao Tai Lao in Laos and Buddhist Communities in Cambodia and Myanmar The New Year Calendar is April 13-15 each year. It happens between them. Thailand uses a lunisolar calendar [both the sun rotation and the moon phase rotation] and the date was calculated using solar energy. The & quot; & # 39; & # 39; Songkran & # 39; they come from the Indian scripture; Penalty & # 39; which means & # 39; change or move. The dates are now arbitrarily fixed, but originally the movement of the sun would lead to eternal inequality. This was: & # 39; precession & # 39; and the inclination of the earth and the effect of its orbit. In the past, dates have changed, but they are now fixed regardless of the original ratione, and otherwise the astrological calculation. From a natural point of view, the dates indicate the end of the dry season.

Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong Festival Celebrates November in Thailand. Loy Krathong celebrates the end of the rainy season, which is also the full moon of the 12th month of the Thai Lunar Calendar. Loy or Loi means you want to swim, Krathong or Kratong mean an open-handed desert. The essence of the festival is to prepare and then float on a full moon on a stream, river or other water, a sophisticated offer on the raft that is released freely and swim with water to free them from feelings, anger, stress and grief as a symbolic gesture.

The beginnings of the festival in the induction process of Southeast Asia and the original Brahman festival in North India. Many Thais also accept natural forces as ghosts, or & # 39; gods & # 39; and Krathong's floating symbolic look at the Goddess of Water, Phra Mae Khongkha. Thais announces the festival in Thailand, Sukhothai, during the Sukhothai Kingdom, but here the Indian and the Brahminic effect are also strong.

Bai Sri

Bai Sri is a blessing ceremony that happiness and prosperity give to one person or place. The ceremony has a beautiful design called Khrueng Bai Sri Tons, made of complicated folded banana leaves. A container is beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and banana leaves, often used for festive occasions. Bai Sri Pak Cham and Bai Sri Yai are popular forms of Bai Sri.

Bai Sri Pak Cham is small and looks like a bowl. A part of the banana strain can be used to give this form to Bai Sri, which is often used at celebrations to worship deities and at a ceremony to honor teachers. Bai Sri Yai is usually used for major events, such as the royal ceremony for royal Khwan. According to ancient traditions, a nine-level Bai Sri is a king and queen, a seven-level Bai Sri is a prince or princess, a five-level Bai Sri for the royal guest, who has presidential status. , a three-storey Bai Sri is a minister or a royal grandchild at the wedding.

Bai Sri rituals are often presented in Chiang Mai. The Thai people maintain this ceremony as a legacy for future generations. Different types of Bai Sri Pak Cham can be found on Tom Lamyai Flower Market, Vichayanun rd, Chiang Mai.

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