Water rafting adventure in India

Since the White Water Rafting the most adventurous tours have been left, and when the term "water rafting" comes, it brings exotic feelings through our bodies and souls. River rafting in India is one of the exciting experiences you can enjoy on the Indian holiday .

Indian water rafting in 19459008 is somewhat different from other rafting locations in the world, here every flow is slow and extremely fast and naturally accustomed to people. all behavior, I suppose that slow tourists can hang along the slow stream and adventurous and dad tourists have great flow processes. In this article I describe the water tours tour in India, its geographical details and its exotic approach.

There are a number of water rafts in India like Uttranchal Rishikesh b, but the more exotic Kali Sarda river expedition. The Kali River is the international frontier of India and Nepal. A separate river travel along this river, this part of the Himalayas is a delightful tour. This river passes through Kumaoni and Nepal villages, fresh streams, sandy beaches, tropical terraces behind the thick tropical jungle, and white water sparkling across Terai's belt. Due to the beauty of the Mahseer angler, the lack of road transport makes it possible to make a complete voyage.

After the first few days of the holidays with the Sariu at Pancheshwar (a famous fishing spot) and occasionally at a fast pace, the final descendants of Kali on the last day of the river on the plain, starting with the mighty Chooka. After dense forest paths, in addition to the Terai hills, this hike is an outdoor puszta experience in its own championship.

This tour starts from Delhi to Kathgodam, which is Pithoragarh and Panchuli. The journey continues in the thick jungle and leads to the main rafting site, and access to the Terai jungle takes place with large white water, and perhaps another wild elephant is noticeable. All safety and security measures comply with the standards, and there is no chance of any accident or accident, reported minor injuries to tourists (this was the case for avoiding security measures), but no serious cases were far removed. In addition, there are experienced drivers who would even hire a newcomer to undertake this expedition.

Every year (February, March and November), thousands of people visit this exotic location and enjoy water rafting and stay in an experience that still lives in their bodies and souls. return to this hotspot.

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