Warning of Positive Thinking

Over the past decade, the greatest tendency in pop-psychology was that with positive thinking and with little effort, whatever one would ever enjoy from life. Many people who subscribe to these philosophies (readers of books such as "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction") believe that they can make life happy and successful simply by wanting to do whatever they want.

] Step 1: Think Positive

Step 2: Imagine what you want

Step 3: Hold the image clearly and especially in your mind

Step 4: Wait?

What a great idea – if it's just that easy! 19459002

Perhaps what people think most convincing about these convictions is that they need so little work, such huge rewards. It is sad to think of what to break someone before they hogwash. But let me tell you now as an ex-positive thinker, success is not as simple as these "experts" make up. Most people not only severely exaggerate the power of thought, but ultimately consumers are in a disadvantage in the bizarre world.

Another common saying in the New Poppy Community is that you "create your own reality". To some extent I believe in this, but differently than in most cases the claim. Typically people get the idea that their minds are the world. In the theoretical philosophy, this view is solipsism or belief that there is no outside world, only the interior. Sometimes I wonder why these people are worried about leaving their house at all. If our minds were so strong, why not close your eyes and you could imagine the world where you want to live – and you can stay there, right? You can hang out in Hawaii, sit on the beach, and drink the margaritas for eternity. Nevertheless, what is decaying, most people felt life as an outside world, and even if not, The ultimate reality of the universe is still the best thing to do in our senses and not in our dreams.

It is true that we can create our own reality, but hard work, dedication, strong will and time – not just the "want" part. To create your own reality, you must open your eyes and look at the canvas that God has given you. When you take out your red brush and start your art, do not tell it is green. If you're painting a dog, do not tell me it's a cat. Answers to reality are just "there" as "here", so be true and balanced. If the positive thinkers so strongly believe in the will of their will, why do not they sit on the highway and all cars will get out of the way? What's your head to hit the wall and going to the other side?

Perhaps these are not the best strategies for success. Maybe we need to pay more attention to our environment and less time in our heads. I'm not saying he totally ignores the mind; the mind of the map and the compass. But what is the map and compass where there is no land? Best of all, a dream of a pipe

So my warning is for all mind-minded ones: beware of positive thinking! Instead of being positive, I suggest you be open but critical. Learn to be flexible with your mind – play with your perspective. It's fun to find the bad in the bad, but find the bad in the good. If you just look at the good side of things, how can you find a place to develop? Likewise, and is it in line with positive thinking around the world to be proud of your performance if you only see the bad? Obviously – what we really need is not a positive thinking, but a balanced mindset. Moreover, why not sharp, intelligent thinking? Why is not your thinking based on your observations and not your imagination? Could this be a better strategy? Think of it …

I found scientific results that reinforce my feelings in this article. Canadian researchers have made a study that shows how self-help "feels worse". Obviously, the study in the self-help community, which is commonly known as "positive affirmations", basically repeatedly reiterated positive statements in order to create a more positive way of thinking. Unfortunately, those with low self-esteem felt worse after these claims and only those who had high self-esteem achieved positive results

Source by Steven Handel

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