Video and Social Media Marketing Concepts

Who can benefit from video and social media marketing?

Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, bands, car dealers, realtors, bloggers, charities, cosmetic surgeons, churches and consultants. In fact, virtually any online or offline organization that can produce short promotional videos can give marketing efforts to steroids.

The benefits can be amazing. Not only does it increase traffic, it also has a higher search engine rank and a lot of "anchor text" links. The most important benefit is the increased trust and the weirdness you give to your online profile.

The media content to be created must include video, sound, text, and images. In the beginning I suggest videos and blogs. Google likes them.

Why is there a video? Good video content makes it much easier to connect with potential customers than traditional texts or voice-based content.

A well-optimized video generates incredible interest and traffic through a comprehensive "distribution strategy"

1 Video sharing sites such as YouTube, MySpacetv, Google Video, – is one of the most popular locations in the world.

Google and Yahoo! They both used a "universal" approach in search rankings, not just traditional text-based results, but also higher rankings of photos and sound. The highest ranking generally refers to video content.

Why is social media? Well, prospective clients are somewhere there, regardless of whether they are in Social Networks (MySpace, Squiddoo, etc.) or on social bookmarking sites (, digg, etc.).

to draw your attention to creative and interesting content or useful posts in the forums. You must start or join the conversations by commenting on official blogs.

A basic strategy to attract eyeballs should include content sharing on the following platforms:

Video networks – YouTube PR 8 Google Video PR 9 Metacafe PR 7

Social Networking – Squidoo PR 7 Hubpages PR 6 Myspace PR 8

Social Bookmarking Sites – PR 8 Blinklist PR 7 PR 7

Blog Platforms – WordPress PR 8 Blogger PR 9 LiveJournal PR 8

Blog Directories – Technorati PR 8 Blogdigger PR 7 Syndic8 PR 6

To sum up, short marketing promotional videos must be used as a major role in the social marketing campaign to achieve success.

Source by Roger Hurley

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