Using Splash Pages as Advantage

Some may argue that splash pages can not be used as visitors are removed from the main site. However, there are a lot of cases where their use can be very useful.

] This is a site that aims to showcase your site / service to the visitor.

– Generally, they try to give you the site as much as possible while being extremely easy.

– Attractive graphic design, videos and sound effects attract the viewer's attention.

– It is often used to allow a visitor to enter the site (flash, browser compatibility, etc.), warnings or important warnings

Disruption of splash page use

– If spraying is not used as a recording medium for alerts / warnings, users may often be annoying. Many users may choose to leave the site after seeing one because they clicked on a link to get directly to your site and appear as a home page.

– Automatically Playing Videos / Sounds Can Cause Huge Distraction

– Due to lack of text content the search engines can not index the page properly – This will allow you to show important posts to your site or services on a single page

– Great tool for members / subscribers

How and when to use a splash page?

The most important thing is not to use your web site indispensable! You do not want to be penalized for search engine rankings to hide your home page. Use only those that are important announcements.

Instead, create a separate page in your domain, for example, "".

And to ensure that you do not get punished for search engines, you definitely need to block search engines by using the robots.txt file.

When used well, a splash page is a great way to attract visitors, but only from certain traffic sources – where users generally do not take much time to view the entire content of the site, but only a few seconds trying to overwhelm him. You can use them to advertise community media too. But they are probably the most valuable when you try to directly expand your list by offering them free wagers, for example useful e-books, if you subscribe.

If you offer to return the visitor, you will probably be able to join them. Who do not like freebies?

Creating Your Own

There are many websites that simply allow splash pages to be built. While these can be great for creating simple splash pages and hosting, they are the most important thing that is troubling them that when they are home to them, there are links in it. In general, this is not a problem, but splash pages will certainly be less professional than their own storage space.

Another disadvantage is that there are more difficulties using custom scripts and PHP code, such as form processing, embedding videos, and more.

So if you have the chance to have a separate host for a splash, we will definitely recommend this! You can still have one unrelated site because you only need one page. But if you are in your main domain, you have more advantages.

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