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Big Sur is one of the most spectacular beaches I've ever seen. Even the beautiful valleys and shores of Hawaii simply do not approve of the magnificent beauty of Big Sur. The Big Sur, translated by the Spanish Big Sur, translated "Big Sur".

The Big Sur coast is about 90 miles, more or less north of the Carmel River and about 120 miles south of San Francisco. These woody, bare rocks and especially less used beaches, the widespread coastal scenery of the warehouses used as workers in 1937, was occasionally alarming but always a spectacular experience.

It's not the fault of the heart, because it's a steep winding drive that slows down a few miles for an hour. Many travelers are asking them to take their RVs in this part of Hwy. 1, and the answer is yes. I was doing a 25-foot trailer and saw that 40-foot pallets make the trip, just be slow and very careful.

Point Lobos State Park is a must see. There are various wildlife, including sea lions, sea otter and gray whales. Point Lobos is about 20 miles north of The Big Sur near the city of Carmel. More gorgeous rocky landscape abounds somewhat far south of Garrapata State Park.

Big Sur is scarce, approx. With 1000 inhabitants. Big Sur's nationality is now a varied blend of the first colonists and fieldwinders, artists and other creative people along with rich residents.

There are no urbanized areas, but you find gas stations that sell gas at very high prices, some great restaurants and motels. The beach is largely private or public owned park system. Los Padres National Forest and Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reservations cover almost all interior spaces. Mountain landslides, eco-friendly residents, and lack of property accumulated for exploitation have retained Big Sur, but remained untouched and remain isolated parts of California.

If you want to travel to this area during the winter months, make sure that if there is heavy rain in the area, the road sections go directly to the ocean. Be sure to transport it in an emergency, in water and in food. Sometimes motorway # 1 can be locked for weeks. The nearest civilization is Carmel Town, about 20 miles north of the coast if you can.

In the summer months fire is a big threat. The 2008 complex pool fire forced residents and visitors to evacuate for 2 weeks and of course Hwy. The 1 was also closed.

Big Sur is still a favorite place for local and foreign artists. Art galleries along the motorway 1 are beautiful visual artists.

Most of the area is controlled by state and federal parks, and hiking trails are located through The Big Sur. The Los Padres National Forest, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Garrapata State Park and Andrew Molera State Park are known all over the world for good reason. Each park wears a personalized individual atmosphere and no 2 elevations are similar.

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