Unique Prices and Thai House Plans for Estimating Construction of a Thai House

This article is based on recent experience that actually begins estimates of the construction of a Thai house for Thailand's builders' quotes and the construction of a Thai retirement home (Per square meter of building units used).

It can be useful for anyone who retires in Thailand or wants to retire or retire in Thailand

The two main two ways to value house construction in Thailand

There are basically two ways to evaluate a construction project in Thailand

. ]

1. Estimating the cost of building a house using a building complex The first and simplest method is to use the building price of units, ie how many square meters to build a house in Baht / m2. The scale of construction fees for Thai houses varies depending on the standard of the building and the location of the country.

There are other factors that affect the cost of constructing a house in Thailand and they are generally not allowed in unit building rates.

Just one example is that the cost of a building depends to a great extent on the price of the same property chosen by the builder, depending on the different builders. ] Unit costs used to estimate the cost of housing construction are readily available if they live in the United Kingdom. A number of websites list these unit charges, and there are pricing books that give speeds per square meter to a wide range of construction types and sizes. This method is usually used in Great Britain and other Western countries to create a budget for building a house.

In Thailand, however, the situation is different. I did not see any "official" unit building price in Thailand, but a number of websites, namely forums hosting Thai households in Thailand, show some figures from the people who built their own retired households in Thailand

. This is all – a guide – and it's really hard to use even for budget purposes.

Two examples of Thailand's building cost unit prices on Thai website

Bangkok: "From March 2006, buyers paid an average of 81,975 baht / Unit in the center of Bangkok, compared with 72,596 baht / m2 in the last twelve months. "19459004 From Thai-AirPark.com

Chiang Mai, North of Thailand:" The West (45 euros / baht (January 2010) operating between 7,200 and 13,500 Thai baht / m2)

Please note that the unit price for this example is so much higher different.

Another way to reach unit rates in Thailand is to approach Thai builders and architects. The building prices of the units, which have been sent to me by one of Bangkok's leading design and build companies in Bangladesh, are between 15,000 and 20,000 Baht / m2.

The cost of unit building price is simple. The entire floor area of ​​the proposed building must be worked out, including all floors and multiplied by the unit price. There is no need to find such a builder or pick up this method after deciding on the unit charge to be used.

In this approach, there are inaccuracies as a mix of different uses may be different. For example, my own recommended property in Thailand, in Pak Chong, as an example, the house is a typical "post" house, half the ground floor "is open Stay "to make the house ready. "

And the other half simply has blocked walls for a workshop.

The unit price typical for such areas is different and different from the first floor, which includes a salt, bedroom and other daytime area. (And so on) another example of my Pak Chong house is that the first floor is very large (opposite to the rest of the house) the area of ​​the terrace And another, semi-open area, both of which is a hoe H cheaper than the construction than Residential areas

The fact that newly-built houses in Thailand are very often completely different in style and layout of other houses, which is comparable to the United Kingdom where new houses are mostly in the same design Everyone knows what they will get In a "three-tier semi-detached house" in England. In this situation, unit prices are safe Can be used as well

So what area are used in cost accounting? Do you use the entire area, including the ground floor open space and workshop, the first-floor terrace and the semi-open area, and the residential areas? Or do you use the unit price only for residential homes and the percentage of unit cost to lower-cost areas?

The problem is that I do not know the unit price ratio is the first place. That is, it was a mine like the open areas or a larger percentage of the actual residential area.

In summary, Thailand's Building Cost Methods only provide a very rough idea of ​​the likely cost and is not really accurate enough to create a budget.

2. Thailand builds a Thai builder for building a home in Thailand

This method depends on whether an architect finds a price-based (usually) (Or house plan) is questionable. (The house you want to retire in Thailand.) It is obvious that the more accurate and detailed the house design, the more accurate the quote.

Additional documents may be provided to supplement house plans. These include the scope of the project (usually not made in Thailand) and the timetable. The schedules typically include finishes, door schedules, fittings, etc. Scheduling.

This method has three major difficulties:

1. Obtaining House Plans and Other Documents

I am lucky to use the AutoCAD Computer Utilities (CAD) software package and I knew building design so I could make my own CAD Drawings and schedules designed for my retired houses in Thailand.

However, I did not start an empty card but downloaded some of the existing Thai policies from the Thai government's website (Search for the "download Thai Government House Plans") and you can choose to serve as a starting point for your Thai home theater.

If you do not like this "do yourself" approach, you need to find someone Designs for you. Although it is easy in Britain (if it is a little expensive), if you try to find a Thai builder to do this, you may have problems.

First, finding an architect in Thailand is not easy, though I found an architectural and construction company in Bangkok and later appointed to draw construction drawings for my house – but that's another story. Second, how do you explain to an architect what he wants? This is especially difficult (impossible?) If you do not already have your own preliminary drawings like me and if you can not sit in the same room as the architect and overwrite the ideas and concepts

They make it impossible to start off from Thailand.

2. Translating documents into Thai

This is not so difficult if you are willing to pay a translator in Thailand.

Translator can easily translate the timetable, CAD drawings are not easy unless the compiler can use CAD software. My house plans and schedules are available only in English and are quoted from a Thai builder.

You may only try English and translate only the translator to technical terms that the builder does not understand. Once again, it is much easier to do when we are in Thailand with the translator and builder.

3. Meeting with a builder in Thailand

This can be one of the toughest tasks you have to do .

My wife contacted at least six builders in Thailand and only one price. This price was based on house plans and schedules, but it was about double that we expected, 2.1 million baht, which is 16,000 Baht / m2.

The answer that most builders are Too busy to get a small home construction job price. It is reported that many architects deal with major projects in Thailand's seaside resorts (eg Phucket) and that our little Packchong project is not worth it for them.

The Method, Doors "Do you have a beautiful house, can you tell who was the builder?" It was very easy to approach people and one day chatted with the security guard at The Mansion Hotel, 8/8 Soi Tedsaban 8, Mittrapap Rd., Pakchong, Thailand and announced that it could get a price from at least two builders.

We've got the offer, but we never got the quotes. One was too busy and the other wanted to prepare Baht before 5000 before preparing a quote if we did not choose him as a builder! By the way, the security guard said the commission was 10 percent. In this brief discussion of how I got a budget estimate for a Thai retired home, I applied the two main methods, 19459005 and housing plans to ensure the budget price and the benefits and disadvantages of each method. I also explained the three difficulties you face when you are trying to build a builder in Thaimaa to estimate the construction of a Thai retired home.

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