UNCTAD Critical Criteria

It can not be argued that since UNCTAD's mandate was multidimensional, its results were different. Among the most significant achievements. (A) the 1971 Agreement of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP); B) Establishing a Global Trade Preferential System for Developing Countries (1989); (C) Negotiations on International Commodities; (D) establish transparent market mechanisms in the form of intergovernmental commodity exchange experts and study groups, including consumers and producers; E) negotiating the Common Fundamental Fund (1989); (F) adopting a resolution on the retroactive adaptation of the ODA to low-income developing countries; (G) Developing International Guidelines for the Reduction of Debt (1980); H) Action Program of the Least Developed Countries for the 1990s and I) Negotiating the Convention on Maritime Transport. In addition to the above UNCTAD made some contributions on enforcement issues in other forums. For example, it has contributed to improving the remedial means for implementing export-deficit deficits in developing countries; Creation of special drawing rights by the IMF; Reduction of commercial bank debt by heavily indebted countries by the World Bank. UNCTAD also contributed to the Code of Conduct in the field of technology transfer and computer systems in customs and debt management.

Although UNCTAD's many constraints could not meet all expectations, it has tried and still tries to use limited resources to do its job. The cause of developing countries needs to strengthen the role of UNCTAD. To make it more dynamic and more effective, some measures should be taken as follows: (a) Third world countries should minimize their differences and sacrifice their own interest in the interests of other developing countries. It will be easier for UNCTAD to work in a collaborative atmosphere than conflict.

(b) UNCTAD should emphasize issues with significant expertise. Here, the proposal does not change your earlier position, but rather focus on specific topics that are affected by lesser organizations. In the field of trade, UNCTAD considers it important to build consensus. As UNCTAD provides a universal forum for policy analysis, it can help to prepare for subsequent negotiations within the WTO to agree on trade policy issues. UNCTAD and the WTO must cooperate in the field of international trade. It is encouraging that two organizations have already begun cooperation. In their joint meeting of 8 October 1996, the Director-General of the WTO noted that "the convergence between the WTO and UNCTAD is the leaders of the two organizations, joint research projects, coordinated technical assistance and generally more intensive work relations at all levels of the organization." As the most important WTO Its role is to implement and negotiate rules and discipline on contractual trade, there is a significant opportunity for complementarity between the WTO and UNCTAD. The function of UNCTAD's policy analysis and consensus building can fundamentally contribute to the intergovernmental consideration of trade issues. D) In ​​the post-Cold War economic environment, the need for collective action in third world countries to meet the challenges that arise is more important than ever. UNCTAD is the only organization in the UN that has some opportunities to address global economic issues in terms of development.

(e) UNCTAD's observation and analytical capacities must be increased sufficiently

(f) foreign investment, technology transfer, multilateral competition policy (19459002) (g) UNCTAD shall To prepare a response from the Third World country on liberalization and regional clusters

Since the organization has been reorganized to make it more effective, it is not necessary to disassemble it. As international cooperation in international economic problems remains a priority. And UNCTAD is the only organization in the world that feels that trade and development are integrated, which is very important.

Source by Kh. Atiar Rahman

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