Uganda experience – a lot of exciting travel, but not much freedom

In Kattwe, which was also recognized in the Kampala submarine suburb, 800 attended the shepherds' and seminary seminars. For me it was all very new.

There were three or four hour teaching sessions a day, and the temperature in the 90's was high.

A feature that was emerging was that people were writing questions about the pieces of paper, and these questions were so relevant and practical that people asked for real answers to their real questions. The seminars were repeated in three different geographic areas, and they traveled daily to these countries and to the jungle on the outskirts, ensuring the sight of the beautiful, rolling green landscape.

Uganda is a beautiful country, and because of its moral leadership, it slowly overcomes the serious and severe AIDS tragedy.

One of my prominent two-week safari was 17 miles west of Kampala, in the temple orphanage on the far hills of smoke and open channels. In this orphanage, four hundred children participated. Their parents died of AIDS. Standards that slept between 45 and 75 children are beautifully cleaned in a three-bed bed. Some children never slept in bed before they went to the orphanage.

When you asked the director for malicious behavior, he was very positive when he explained: We have no bad behavior. They teach kids. We teach the boys to become men. Men are dropping – people do not! & # 39;

The Saints Gate Church in the Castle led the Andrew Discipleship School and was present at the Graduation Service. The course is rather hard and young people have a great desire to take the most demanding curriculum year. The 1000-member Church John Miller told us, "When someone comes to faith in Jesus Christ and does not care, we explain that no one is obliged to give them work, or ride or ride cars, and find a workable job and give you dignity and independence

Similarly, we give them three children in the orphanage – Jesus – Education and skills, such as masonry or hairdressing, but we offer some useful and practical solutions: the children are responsibly taught and taught from the beginning for your case, your toothbrush, your clothes, and your keys "

He continued," Every man has a dream and God can help him to fulfill his dream. "


On Sunday's half-open service ask me whether or not people want to pray – the Holy Spirit – to re-engage their life with God or to have a new feeling of Jesus. About 350 rose up and stepped forward.

A service that was longer than three hours but rented for a minute was not wasted. Praise and choir was so real and powerful – it only brought tears to my eyes. These people do not have roasted stew and do not have to watch sport programs on television. All of them have God.

I can explain everything to you in detail, but the explanation is not the same as the experience.

It is the same gospel of Jesus Christ. You can preach, teach, say, testify – but then comes the moment you have to personally experience it. "

Sandy Shaw

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