Two unique positive aspects of the Philippine nation – the values ​​of the Filipinos

There are two unique positive features that show the values ​​of Filipinos in life. These values, based on truth, the family and respect for their peers, are the fundamental strengths of the Filipino nature. As a Philippine, I can say that the Philippine nation is acquainted with honesty or "catapult" and strong family and community ties with the knowledge of its people.

The "catapult" In the Filipino language honesty is one of the great positive attitudes of Filipinos. This virtue of truth and truth in both the soul and the heart makes Filipino workers world-class. This virtue especially strengthens the nation for reliable citizens. However, this does not mean that every Filipino is honest. This article only explains that honesty is clearly visible in the Philippine society, and can even be depicted in every detail of life. In fact, honesty is always emphasized and appreciated by films and daily television shows in the Philippines. Thus, the Philippine audience is always attracted to the righteous stories, expressing their strong hope for the better days when they choose them well.

Honesty is the second positive aspect, Family and Community. This indigenous feature of the Philippine people is known as the native language "pakikipagkapwa-tao". Strong family orientation continues to expand in the community, encouraging co-operation in the neighborhood and the workplace.

Exemplary Philippine strong feelings of communion, especially during interaction with the crisis. You can see this at the time of the deaths where family, relatives, colleagues and friends can provide financial, moral and emotional support during this depressed period. This vision of the neighborhood is also shown by the fact that they spend more time with each other, with mutual visits and food exchanges.

These two values ​​are a unique feature of the Filipino people. Indeed, the Filipinos are proud of these values, based on the life of justice, with their close family and closely cooperating community

Source by Robert Ian Maranon

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