Twitter's History

Twitter in 2007 was primarily the Internet marketing scene. It has never been seen with unique advertising and friendship, it has become a popular tool. Most Twitter users use it daily, several times a day. The basic structure of Twitter is the microblogging term. Microblogging is a form of multimedia blogs that allows users to send short text updates or micro-media such as photos or sound files and videos. Twitter is a site that deals with a specific issue: "What are you doing?" Users are responding to this question in thousands of ways and sending a 140-character long message to anyone who follows their tweets. It's so easy to just share the messages, read others, and send yours.

Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. The real history surrounding Twitter's history has been through Jack Dorsey and his career over the years. Jack worked as a software developer and developed software for courier services and noted how different companies used the software and the headquarters could track their various transport or service vehicles, basically the employees were only informed of what they did at the time. Nevertheless, the freight office was in constant contact with the drivers, which has a great impact on efficiency. Basically, what became Twitter is a mix of 3 different things.

· Jack's Dispatch Software

· Instant messaging

· Text Messaging

By combining these three elements of real-time messaging, many things are possible. News is spreading more like a fire on Twitter, friends can come in seconds in seconds, and marketers can share their new ideas or business with potential or current customers right away. Much of this does not show value, and sometimes Twitter is a bit of a criticism. It's true that Twitter is a very useful tool, provided that you have relationships that are caring for what you want to say or who can get the information you receive from them. For distributors, the service is generally used to deliver URLs to various pages, products, and services, which can be a tedious task.

Many people have developed the management and automation of Twitter's services. A process that helps manage the time spent in tweeting. These applications can be used for many different tasks on Twitter, usually "crowded work" if we are marketers. Some features are needed: creating an unlimited account, managing all your accounts at the touch of a button, targeting your keywords / username / tracking your own trackers, auto tracking for those who do not choose to follow, auto- Tweets via multiple accounts, direct messages to all followers, Twitter trends give you a category and some even allow you to operate your Twitter accounts anonymously with a proxy IP address. Unfortunately, most Twitter apps and management tools are not able to do this from the foregoing, and very few people can do everything to fit your Twitter needs.

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