True or False: Video Overwhelmed Text Content

We all know what happened when the video was released and the radio star was killed, but did the same thing over the Internet for written content? This applies to any SEO company that offers content marketing services. This is a debate that can continue for many years, but the truth is that this is the case – the video has caused frustration on the Internet. You'll also find appointments, brands, and end users on YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Twitch video content.

Even made SEO packages offered by SEO services. The likelihood of video publishing is likely to have a significant impact on the potential audience. Video is an excellent way to interact with different audiences.

By numbers, video content is very divided and users are connected to each other. Consumers are 39 percent more likely to share video content. 36 percent more likely to comment on a video and 56 percent more likely than a video.

But does this mean that this is a successful agreement for the text? One thing we certainly know is that text is still alive and well – it's just another format that we can use for a variety of reasons. The best case study would be to implement the internet marketing strategy.

What data is showing

Numbers are stunning for video content – 206 hours of video content per month and Nielson says 64 percent of marketers use more videos in the near future. It is certain that the content of the video will change the text when it comes to engagement, but there are situations where users prefer to read the text. An SEO company will help you determine the services that will be available to your company and when to use video content and when it is best to use text.

Videos Are Lazier

One of the reasons why the video content works so well because it does not require a lot of cognitive work. The brain appears to process the videos 60,000 times faster than the text. People are more inclined to work less on tasks. Reading articles and watching the video involves two different brain processes. When you read an article, your mind is actively involved and needs more attention. Again, video content can be used for certain scenarios that match the subject and the user.

The video sounds really wonderful – no wonder experts are swearing by them (19459005). But it's important to note that not all web site visitors want to watch a video. Webcasting can make video capture, but make sure you do it strategically.

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