Trekking India: Kalavantin Durg near Mumbai Airport, Maharashtra, India, at local prices: $ 5 per head

Introduction : Trekking Kalavantin Durg, comes the pinnacle climbing trek. This is a 2300 foot high-light tour with 3 hours of climbing.

: The most beautiful time of Kalavantin Durg during the Monsoon season. In India, in the state of Maharashtra, where Kalavantin Durg is located, the monsoon season will arrive in June and end in October. This season offers a stunning view of the vegetable from the base to the peak, up to the mountainous districts. There are many beautiful flowers, strange yet beautiful insects and butterflies, monkeys and streams. In addition, the sparkling cool rain and beautiful views overlook the duration of climbing and keep calm and cool.

Cost : Depending on whether the hiking group is a diner Or just one snack or both, the trek costs vary between $ 3 and $ 7. You have to pay in person in Indian currency after the whole hiking team meets at Panvel Station. Cost includes the following:

  • Journey from the Panvel station in the village and the back village, with breakfast snacks or evening snacks – $ 3
  • Journey from the Panvel station to the village and the back village, breakfast and evening meals – $ 5
  • Journey from the Panvel station to the grounds of the village and walls, breakfast and evening snacks and lunch – $ 7

Location : Kalavantin Durg just a few miles away From the station. From Mumbai International Airport, Maharashtra, India, you can reach Santacruz Station in 5 minutes with rickshaw, about 25 cents. From Santacruz Station, you can take a redemption ticket at Panvel Station, about 40 miles away. Search for popular hiking groups, such as Wild Rangers Keen Venturers & Trekkers etc Through search engines, you need to look at the monsoon trekking timetable, which results in their blogs. Alternatively, follow these groups on social networks such as Facebook. Once you have determined that the date and timing are fine for your needs, you can add them to the mobile numbers provided in your schedule to sign up for the tour.

Custom Trek Registration : If you would like to arrange the tour at the right time and in time, you may want to call them for your mobile ads during your ads and request individual travel at a specific time (weekend only). Please note that these are nonprofit hiking teams that are part of the Indian IT industry or medical professionals, It consists of its organizers and participants who are passionate and expert hikers. So please be polite and understandable while arriving for a pleasant time and individual journey.

Transport : To make walking paths light on a local road or private vehicle. For the Kalavantin Durg tour, most trekking groups gather on the morning of Saturday or Sunday morning at 7pm in the Panvel railway station. From the Panvel station, most trekking groups carry groups of tourists to the Thakurwadi base village with a 6-seater rickshaws or a local public transport bus that seems appropriate to tour operators in view of their time constraints

: Food is cooked from the base Basic home-grown food.

Trek Duration and Timing : Most of these tours are 1 day, 2 days or 3 days excursion. You must be timed ahead if you have daytime hiking or night hikes.

No. Participants : Generally the no. The participants of the trekking event consist of 15-45 members, including 3-5 members who are the organizers of the trek.

Shoes : We recommend trekkers to wear swim To avoid damp and smelly shoes and socks.

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