Trek India: Budget Trekking in Karnala near Indian Mumbai Airport at a $ 3 local exchange rate

For a travel fan, trekking as part of the Karnala as part of Trek India is like an arrow 4 targeting. You can visit a bird protection area. You get two routes for easy hiking or mid-range hiking. You can discover two forces, one at mid-height, the other at the top. Finally, you can enjoy the adventure around the hills, cliffs, and forts of Karnala. What's more, this should be done at least $ 3 per person!

Best Season for Trek Karnala

Months of June and September, which is the rainy season in India. Karnala Trekking can make your mountain and castle more enjoyable and enjoyable this season due to the cool, cool rains that tend to drive your body and cold. So you can not finish with the exhausted and hot head on the path up. The rain makes the journey a little more adventurous and tricky. It does not hurt the tour. Just take care of the grip that you've kept on the ground with each step and the others simply up and down. : : The total area of ​​the actual bird sanctuary is 4.27 square kilometers. The home of more than 150 nesting and 37 migratory birds, who visit the shrine in winter. Two very rare birds were detected in this bird sanctuary. These birds are Ashy Minivet and Malabar Trogon. :

In the morning, from Panvel station (1 hour by train from nearest station to Indian Mumbai Airport), it is expected to finish the tour and Return to Mumbai for 17 o'clock. From Mumbai Airport you can reach the Panvel Station by 40 km. From Panvel Train Station you can choose from any local hiking club such as "Keen Venturers & Trekkers" or " Wild Rangers " or other similar groups to complete Karnala Trek.

You may need to perform online group searches on these groups and sign up for schedule, based on schedule, for Karnala Trek. These hiking teams are non-profit groups trained by leading IT professionals, doctors, and lawyers. These groups are passionate about hiking and expert hikers who have been proactive for years in difficult terraces in the state of Maharashtra. India.

The Karnala trek costs between $ 3 and $ 10, depending on whether the trekking group offers breakfast meals, either breakfast and evening meals, morning and evening meals, and so on. Usually it includes: Panvel station at the foot and back of the mountain, and at least one morning or a night in a pan.

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