Traveling with the cat

Whether it is by car, train, plane or boat, it's not always easy to travel with your cat. Always take care of certain things – tickets, a good kennel, tranquilizers and water – to ensure maximum comfort and avoid irregular cuts during the many hours of travel …

Cat shows, weekends in family cabins or big vacations … In civilized chat, travel opportunities are rarely missed. The worthy master, who describes it as such, always anticipates that his animals will enjoy transportation under the best conditions. Certain animals in a young age get to know each other from transport to another, and they accept the situation perfectly, but others are struggling to move that way.

If the owner of a cat wants to stay in a hotel, one should not forget that a cat's companion will be accepted (only 1 hotel will receive 6 of its customers from their pets). Always remember this precaution always: always attach an identification tag to your cat. A nervous and angry animal always runs fast!

Even with a short trip, they always prefer to use a kennel or cage. Nevertheless, the cat is relaxed and reliable, it can always be an exception to the rule: the box will always be able to sit on the passengers' knees, but the kennel must always be accessible.

If used, the kennel must be positioned so that no sudden break, stop or start can fall. First of all, never place the cat in the trunk or leave the car without causing sufficient airflow or a lot of sunshine, which could jeopardize heat dissipation. If your trip lasts for several hours, give it water and let it stick to nature from time to time. You better not feed too much before you leave, which can cause car disease. Certain cats do so, so be careful to consult with your veterinarian who prescribes a medical prescription that causes hypersensitivity and does not cause drowsiness. If your cat is very irritated, uncomfortable or distracted, but not how many, the cat will need a sedative.

By train or bus

Train and bus companies generally do not accept a cat unless they are in a kennel. Some people, however, allow passengers to keep their cat on a leash. Fees are usually minimal, consult with companies at your fingertips.

For cats weighing less than 5 kg (if a little over 10 pounds) are left in the cabin if they are in kennel. But each airline has its own rules and can not exceed the number of animals allowed on the plane. This is necessary to plan ahead on a deck. In cargo, cats can travel in a kennel that can be maintained or purchased from the airline. The cargo was heated and pressurized, so her cat would be in good condition. Nevertheless, he will suffer slowly without the presence of the master. In this case, it is better to give him a sedative to ease his pain.

Ask the airline about the fare for the ticket price.

By boat

Ships are generally not well-equipped for animal transport. Usually the animals traveled in cages. On some ships, animals are tolerated in the cabins. For a small sea trip, for example, by ferry, usually using a portable kennel. Again there are no rules, it is best to consult with the company. Typically, the option of using the others instead of the boat is the extra space. Your cat will be able to walk on board with his master. The inconvenience, however, is a longer journey and sea sickness, which most cat is late. Whether you are in Rome, Vienna, or Athens before you go abroad, you need to know what vaccines and documents the country is asking for.

It is good to know that Air France has an information database that reflects the formal requirements in any country. If not, you can consult an embassy or consulate of your country at any time.

Most of the time the cat needs a fresh health certificate, which is provided by a qualified veterinarian. There may be a need for some documents that prove that your cat does not have rabies.

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