Traveling to Singapore – Strict Entry Requirements for Casinos

With the launch of the two integrated resorts in Singapore, the flood gate of tourists has opened up to visit this wonderful city-state. In the Singapore context, another so-called integrated resorts are a resort and casino complex.

The two resorts that have successfully obtained the Singapore Casino licenses are Marina Bay Sands Resorts and the Casino operated by the US-based Sands Company and the Resorts World operated by the Genting Group in Malaysia. Regardless of which integrated resort you visit, if you want to visit the casino, you must adhere to the strict rules. Here is a quick guide to entry requirements for casinos in Singapore

Age Requirement

Minimum age required to enter the casino is 21 years. Anyone who can not reach this age limit can not enter.

Document Requirement

For any visitor who is neither a Singapore citizen nor a Singapore resident, there is a single requirement for Identification Form to certify that they are purely overseas tourists and that they meet the minimum age To enter gambling areas. Visitors of this type have no fees. If you qualify as a visitor of this type, you may simply be in a foreign visitor's bar when you enter the play area.

For Singaporean citizens who are resident, they must present their passport or national ID card as well as the mandatory US $ 100 (Singapore) prize. Please note that the fee only allows you to deposit the casino 24 hours after the payment and the date of the payment. After 24 hours have elapsed, your current record expires, and if you want to stay longer, you will have to pay a second to enter the casino for an additional 24 hours. To enter the gambling center as a Singaporean or permanent resident, you must enter into the bands designated as "Singapore citizen / PR holder" to enter the play area.

Dress Code

In both integrated resorts at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World, dressing up in the toy is an elegant occasion. Shorts, singles and "flip-flop" slippers are not allowed. The security guard verifies that she meets the dress codes before she can enter.

Discovering the casinos of integrated resorts in Singapore helps you get in. Casinos are as easy as possible.

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