Traveling in the Middle East

An awarding holiday destination
Mystery, civilizations, rising and falling, the birthplace of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, it's just a few words in the Middle East. Like a huge open-air museum, the ancient cities of the Middle East are the perfect place for a lifetime holiday. Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Turkey, with cities such as Cairo, Casablanca, Damascus and Istanbul, enchants you with special perfumes, history, customs and traditions. The Middle East is the place where modern buildings, old civilization, and the lives of these regions have taken their place. The Middle East is also the place where the antagonist lands meet: the sand dunes of the Sahara desert with the Red Sea world, the stunning mountains and the small, palm-lined lakes in Libya.

Exploring Middle East Cities
Cairo is the world's oldest tourist destination, the place where the miracle of the seventh world is still present. former civilizations that have created our world. When you visit the Sphinx and the Pyramids, you can do everything you can to agree with Herodotus, who called them "the eternal gift of the Nile." The country that records the longest story on paper is also the cradle of civilization, a gateway to Africa and the capital of Cairo. Cairo is the only capital in the world to meet routes to Asia, Africa and Europe. However, in Cairo, a city with chaotic traffic rules is blocking people and cars, but a lively city, a lively city that is not just dunes, sand and pyramids. There are hundreds of sightseeing monuments and places you need for your attention, as Cairo is not the city where you can afford something; is simply a beautiful place that is unique in the world and invites you to step by step. Start with the Citadella of Saladin, where you will find the ancient mosque known as "Mohammed Ali Mosque" and the tomb of Mohammed Ali. It is also worth visiting the Hanging Church, built between two towers; The glass that lies on your feet after entering the monument allows you to see the land under which you are. Tut and his sarcophagus, the Giza pyramid, the sphinx, the Nile River and the papyrus factory are places where you definitely want to go.

The list of holiday destinations should include Istanbul, the only city in the world on two different continents, fascinated by mosques, the big bazaar and the impressive Topkapi Palace. Continue the Middle East adventure in Damascus, the city where modern culture strives to reach the ancient quarters of the city; in these quarters people live their lives as they did centuries ago. There are other cities in the Middle East that are worth visiting and they will all impress you with their special charm and taste, which is this wonderful part of the world. Regardless of which city you want to visit for your Middle East adventure, just make sure you surround yourself with the special air of space and history, as it is a life-changing experience.

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