Traveling as a Safe Foreign Volunteer

Whether you are traveling to a popular tourist destination or a distant place, you need to be ready for security issues during your trip and during your stay. The situation is when you travel abroad as a volunteer. You need to understand that communities where they live can have fewer opportunities for local communication and higher crime rates. There is no reason to be too angry because the local communities are usually very friendly and very hospitable to the volunteers who work there to improve things. At the same time, however, it will only help you to take certain precautions.

When you join an organization that provides quality volunteering programs in foreign countries, you are given security advice and advice and support if necessary. So, you won't stay out of the foreign community to fix it for yourself, but it's recommended that you do some research on the host community before you start. Get some information about crime rates in the community and what types of crimes are most common.

You can then try to do some research on the factors that promote such crimes. For example, after the day is not safe outdoors, without the attendant. You can also try to find out what type of clothing and behavior the local population perceives as offensive and hostile. If you find all of this information, try to make sure that you are wise and do not tell or do anything that could be a vulnerable target.

In addition, it helps you find the local emergency number and where the local police or law enforcement office is located, so you can complain if necessary. Also register with the Embassy and keep your number to contact them at any time.

In addition, try to merge with the local crowd and not go too far from your group (which may be the host family or the workplace or other international volunteers). Increase your chances of protecting yourself from crime when you move in a group like yourself. If you want to go out, make sure that a trusted person (such as the host family member or program supervisor or work associate) asks what time is right for rescuing and how far it can be.

In addition, when you leave, try to avoid expensive jewelry (such as gold or diamonds) and expensive products (such as laptops). If you need to bring your jewelery or laptop with you, don't put them on the street to see everyone. Otherwise, a robber may be attacked, which could endanger his life.

Last but not least, avoid arguments with the local population (especially strangers). It may be tempting to criticize the local culture and to argue with the local population incorrectly. In general, it is good to discuss the differences with the host family or colleagues, as this can be a good cultural exchange program, but aggressive debts (especially against strangers) can be perceived very negatively by some conservative communities and feel threatened by your presence. As a result, crime can become a target.

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