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To get the most out of Thailand, it's really worth making some effort to make your holiday preparation if you learn some things about Thai customs and language before you go. If you find much more enjoyable and rewarding experience, if so. Of course, there are a number of excellent travel guides as well. Lonely Planet, Fodor's Guides, etc. But here are 6 precious tips before you go:

1. Thailand is a fascinating country with ancient history and culture. It is worth reading a bit about history. It is worth reading something about your religions, especially about their main religion – Buddhism. Buddhism is very strong across Thailand, with the exception of some southern areas (adjacent to Malaysia), which are Muslims and very militant. Some Christian churches are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other centers as well as some of the mountain tribes. When you visit a Buddhist temple, you usually remove a shoe. If it falls to the floor, make sure your feet are on the side and that the foot of your foot does not show the image of the Buddha that would be disrespectful.

2. Thailand's people are friendly, very polite and friendly. It's important to be polite. Usually, the service you receive will be excellent, but if you're dissatisfied or complain about something, do not forget silent, sober action without raising your voice or abuse. Never do anything that puts others in front of others because it can lead to serious consequences. It is very important that a Thai person does not lose his face.

3. In addition to the many good Thai restaurants and Western-style restaurants, thousands of fast-food stalls are on the street selling all kinds of fare. Foods from these booths (including fresh fruits) are very cheap and are hygienically handled and 99.9% of cases are perfectly safe. I lived in Thailand and never had food poisoning from street food. Just take care of the water (outside the bottle) and especially the ice.

4. The peoples of Thailand are very proud of their monarchy, and the king appreciates and loves people very much. Be careful not to make any comment that may be considered disrespectful of any king or royal family.

5. If you want to learn a few words in Thai, such as hello (Sawat Dee Kap when you are a man or Sawat Dee Kaa & If a woman is talking) or thank you (Get a talking person or "Get khina kaa," said a woman), the average Thai person will guide and respect. However, with a few words and phrases, make sure the pronunciation and above all the intonation is correct. In Thai, the same word may have multiple meanings depending on whether the sound is low or high, a rising or falling sound or a sound level. For example, "khao can represent rice, enter, white, mountain, or news, depending on how you say it." Maybe you can guess that this can lead to such unmistakable misunderstandings and very confused moments in the name of the conversation person. , ask a waiter to pour some milk into his cup (sai nom) and think he would shake his breasts. But let's not forget that the Thai people understand that foreigners (farangs) are often misbalanced and

6. Finally, before you leave, expand your country's recognition of why you did not read the novel set in Thailand (for example, the Orchid If you can not find the time in advance, read it during the flight, which will further enhance your recognition in this impressive country

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