Travel to America? ESTA has been announced in January 2009

For years, visitors to certain foreigners have been able to travel to America without having previously received the official Visa sticker placed in their passport. The "Visa Waiver Program" (VWP) implemented in 1998 has allowed visitors from more than one country to travel to America for tourist or business purposes for up to 90 days without having entered the visa into their passport. In 2007, more than 15 million visitors from the VWP countries arrived in the United States.

From January 12, 2009, the US new ESTA program will visit visitors to the Visa Waiver Program on an airplane or a boat to "register" online to enter the United States to see whether they are a law enforcement or security risk for the US ESTA is not required for land crossing. Officials are requesting ESTA registration at least 72 hours before departure, but theoretically at the last minute can be registered. The ESTA travel permit is free of charge, valid for two years and is valid for multiple registrations.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ESTA Travel Permits:

What Countries Are Involved in the Visa Waiver Program ?

Andorra, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, , Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Where can I submit an ESTA Travel Permit ?

The site operated by the US government registers on ESTA: The ESTA data submitted via the computer is compared to some US law enforcement databases and then approved or denied. Foreign Travelers can not receive ESTA requests at US airports after they have arrived or have a US embassy in their country. What if I do not plan to travel to the United States, however, VWP travelers are not required to plan a separate travel plan to the United States before ESTA travel permits are requested. Once VWP travelers start traveling to the United States, they are encouraged to apply for a travel permit through ESTA's website. Applicants are not required to update their destination or routes if they change after the ESTA Travel Certificate has been issued.

ESTA Travel Permission Guarantee Entering the United States

The ESTA Travel Permit only allows a traveler to fly an airline or ship under the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the United States. After arriving, passengers receiving ESTA Travel Permits can still be denied entry (ie "entry") in the US port of entry, for example, at an American airport. The approved ESTA is not a guarantee for acceptance at an American airport. In all cases, US airport officials will make a final decision whether or not a foreign traveler can enter the United States. You still have to make sure that the inspector admits that you are entering the USA under the Visa Waiver Program.

Can I change my travel path ?

It is possible to modify a roadmap for an existing ESTA travel permit; ESTA is designed to update your parts at any time. Travelers who did not receive ESTA approval could be denied boarding, delays in processing experience or refusing to enter the US at the US airport.

What would be a valid B1 / B2 visitor visa ?

While the ESTA travel permit is terminated without an online interview, there are some visas that require US ambassador interviews. The visa procedure has special procedures that usually require a meeting, an U.S. Embassy, ​​interview with a consular officer, processing time and a fee for the application. If a foreign citizen has already gone to the Embassy of the United States and has a valid B1 / B2 visitor's visa in his passport, it is not necessary to obtain an ESTA Travel Permit because the traveler visits B1 / B2 visitor visas rather than the Visa Waiver Program. Keep in mind that the approved ESTA travel permit is not a Visa.

Can I permit an ESTA travel permit if I refuse it?

Yes, but you have to wait at least 10 days to reapply and the circumstances have changed. If the material does not change, the re-application will not change the result. Keep in mind that ESTA Travel Authorization attempting to provide false information makes a foreign citizen permanently unable to enter America any time. The purpose of the ESTA system is to try to prevent individuals from modifying and manipulating the ESTA entry until they are approved.

There are three types of response to ESTA; endorsed is pending or unauthorized travel (denied). It is recommended 72 hours after the "pending" candidate to check the site. Disapproved applicants must comply with an American Embassy in order to request a formal non-immigrant visa, such as a B1 / B2 visa, which may take up to months.

Why have an ESTA application been denied ?

The United States Department of Homeland Security has stated that travelers can contact the DHS Travel Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP at but there is no warranted that denial information should be disclosed to do. Embassies and Consulates of the United States are not required to provide ESTA denial details and do not resolve ESTA denial.

Only allowed to travel through VWP are eligible for pre-registration through ESTA. People arrested and / or convicted generally do not have the right to VWP and are likely to require a formal Visa, such as B1 / B2 Visa, to travel to America. If a foreign national has received tickets for speeding (which usually does not lead to arrest or conviction), he / she may still be entitled to VWP and ESTA. If a foreign traveler refuses to enter the United States or executed from the United States, he or she will request an official visa.

Is there a similar country in another country ?

is a program called the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) that empowers travelers to submit ETA requests electronically through a website that requests a license to Australia. Airlines may refuse to accept passengers who do not have an ETA or Visa license in Australia.

How long will the ESTA application data be stored ? The ESTA Travel Permit is valid for two years or until the traveler's passport has expired, whichever comes first. The US government retains the information for at least 15 years to allow law enforcement, national security or investigation purposes to be invoked. Information provided through ESTA can also be shared with any US government organization

Airlines will receive confirmation of passengers' ESTA visas for the "Preliminary Passenger Information System (APIS)" which shows whether the ESTA license was granted to the visa-free travel program. It is recommended that the traveler print the ESTA application approval in order to keep track of the ESTA application number and confirm ESTA status.

What about children ? ]

Children accompanied and unaccompanied, irrespective of their age, require an independent ESTA travel authorization.

What if an ESTA application fails

The ESTA website may ask applicants to review their application before sending it. Furthermore, there is an update feature for some information such as email address, phone number or flight information. If an applicant has made a mistake that can not be "upgraded", he / she must submit a new ESTA application.

What to do if I can only join the United States ?

Visa Waiver Visitors to the program who have a connecting flight to the United States or ESTA Travel Permit or a US US Embassy must have capital letters in their passport to travel to the United States for a one-hour stop. If a traveler wants to stop in another country only in the US, the traveler must enter the word "In Transit" and his final destination in the address bar under ESTA's "Address While In The United States"

The traveler (in English) has his biographical data (name, date of birth, country of citizenship) passport, destination in the United States, travel information (regular service, flight number and city where he is boarding) and infectious (chancroid, gonorrhea, granuloma contamination, HIV, leprosy, lymphogranuloma venereum, syphilis [active] tuberculosis [active] and others), physical or mental disorders, drug addiction problems, arrests, convictions, decommissioning or rejection as well as previous deportation from the United States. The traveler asks if they are looking for the United States, deported, or tried to obtain a visa through fraudulent or erroneous announcements. The traveler asks whether the child of an American citizen who has kept the child in custody has ever been arrested and that he has ever been granted immunity from prosecution. (Tourist) at the airport port of entry ?

After ESTA Travel Permission has been issued, a foreign traveler will be asked by government officials at the first American airport. a foreign traveler will work in America and the question can take up to four hours in a "secondary control" detention center. The officer may ask the traveler "what more do you do in America?" if the traveler is only a tourist, he / she should not engage in business, including meeting with lawyers, opening a bank account, meeting a real meeting, real estate agents or other business consultants. Even though the traveler is only going to have a business meeting in America, he has to report and enter as a business visitor. A business visitor has the opportunity to participate in a tourist activity but a tourist visitor can not take part in business . So if were to do any business in America, it would be best if we told the government officials at the airport to avoid accusing him of lying, taking him home immediately, and what other

can the airport's officials, if they prove me after landing? Airport officers ask the traveler for a foreign residence permit (foreign driver's license) regardless of whether they intend to visit the end of the visit (round trip ticket) whether the traveler has a job (letter paystub, business card) and family in your country (marriage certificate, child birth certificate) and whether the traveler has any money to travel to America (bank statement or credit card with bank account with credit line). Airport officers should also ask where they are in America (hotel bookings or home of friends / relatives) and they knew that they would pick up the phone to check all of the above information. ] Can you look at the US airport? During an interview with the US airport, you can search all your luggage (even a sealed bag), your travel body and cell phone (including text) messages and phone numbers, and laptop (including hard drive). Officers "travel" a traveler's name and look at myspace, Facebook, or hyvity. A traveler can not attend a lawyer's or "secondary check" or even call a lawyer. Bathroom visits, water and food may be limited, so it is best to prepare for such an occasion while still on the plane before landing.

I still have to go to US-VISIT for foreign travelers arriving at US airports and seaports and still have to take a fingerprint at each entry.

filling out the ESTA application ?

Information about the ESTA application may remain with the US authorities for at least 15 years – probably more. If a foreign traveler has some questions about how to answer questions so that he can not permanently lock off America, he would be cautious about paying for a legal consultation with a US immigration lawyer who is a member of the American Immigration Attorney's Association (AILA). Beware of unauthorized private networks that provide ESTA support for $ 49.99 – they usually do not have the right to immigrate and ask travelers to pay a free copy of the website.

If I decline the ESTA Travel Permit, will it affect the US Embassy visa?

If the ESTA Travel Permission is denied, a foreigner is assigned to a US embassy in their country to request an official visa. The United States Embassy is operated by the US Secretary of State and there is no accelerated procedure for those who have been denied access to the ESTA Travel Permit. Since the ESTA program is new, it is impossible to predict whether the denial of the ESTA Travel Permit will affect the traveler's visa application at an Embassy in the United States or have an impact on their future travel to America. US immigration lawyers are in close contact with their foreign clients and may share their denial information from January 2009 onwards. At present, there is no government policy governing this area of ​​law or the possibility of appealing for refusal.

[19459001 Need a New ESTA Travel Permit ?

A new ESTA travel permit is required during the two years if (1) the traveler's new passport (2) changes the name of the traveler (3) the traveler changes the gender (4) the country changing the traveler's nationality; (5) the circumstances underlying the Traveler's previous responses to any ESTA request that are "yes" or "not (19459002) An American Immigration Attorney, Travel Agent or Employer may complete the ESTA Application ? ]

A third party, such as a relative travel agent, or an American immigration attorney ESTA may file an application on behalf of a VWP traveler. Be aware that the traveler is still liable under the law by a third party on his behalf

More than 68,000 passengers have already voluntarily registered using the ESTA online system in the last few days Applicants should remember to obtain a new "e-passport" with an integrated computer chip that can store biographical information from the data sheet and other biometric information when registered with ESTA.

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