Travel – The Best Education You Can Get

After re-examining our lives and the decisions made here, we were surprised at the journey that has changed us in so many ways. This is when a mother of a cousin-in-law touched her head on her nails when she spoke at a family reunion (after learning that we were all over the world) that traveling was the best education. Although my wife and I have already suspected that this is the case, there was someone here who really lived and confirmed our suspicions.

"There are some memories that are still with me as I traveled between the 60's and friends who are still in touch," he said. "I have seen a lot and learned so much about things you never learned at school or watching on TV. it is a thing to see something on TV or read about it in a newspaper (or internet or book, or any media you have chosen), but it's another thing to look at and experience these things personally. 39 expressly appreciate your messages and will probably react (or not) for a shorter period of time, and forget about it, but if you have been bombarded for a long time or faced with beggars, these moments will seize and start

For example, you can try to teach students at school revolutions in historical textbooks, referring to factors that indicate that the population has 95% illiteracy k, the rich were richer, while the poor were poorer, and the population was suppressed without the possibility of poverty. Of course, students may mention some dates and some key data in history, but they have forgotten after the test or class has ended and the consequences of the causes and effects of the conditions leading to the revolution are lost.

But if students who have sometimes visited (or even stayed in) a family where there is no running water, no electricity, no school, and no food, while working really hard to survive; Meanwhile, it halted deeply from the government to accept bribes, much of the country's wealth and even the import and construction of dams, or deforestation on coal (thus putting more pressure on its own land and affecting its own territory. A means of survival) Sometimes, students move so deeply that they can better understand why people want to act and rebel to improve their situation.

This is the essence of the deep impressions that you only experience for the first time while traveling are one of the main reasons why traveling is the best education. Perhaps even more importantly, such impressions adhere to you as much as you are willing to take steps to change things better.


We have always thought that reality is the fastest and most effective teacher. When you buy a little knock at a steep discount on some street markets, only when you get home can you not be able to look back on the street markets again. As long as you no longer have a bitter taste, you will always look for the next great job, no matter how thoughtful the seller is.

When you travel, you are more likely to testify in places where socialism was successful (and not as evil as the gung-ho pro-capitalists and craftsmen who thought it would) that other people in the world (especially in Europe) should not worry so much about health insurance and health care how rural villagers have found ways to adapt and live with their environment rather than trying to force arbitrary and harmful changes against Nature. Without traveling, these lessons can never be learned. As a result, they are more likely to be exposed to the bias of the media or their peers, which is not the way children learn bad habits by learning to discipline people (because they don't have the information to make wiser decisions).

With this in mind, we think we think that traveling is a test of theories and beliefs. , different beliefs and different environments. These are often in conflict with what you have used before or you have started to travel, so traveling will broaden your horizons and make it more open on the planet and the enormous diversity and diversity of its people, and you can learn from these differences in an open mind and apply it in a way They would improve their own life (and hopefully others)


Perhaps one of the most important things that travel has made for us gives us a greater perspective. When you travel, you have more experience. Thus, there is a wider library of experience and knowledge that you can face with a new situation or problem. In terms of our extended library, we are confident that we will look at the big picture, solve the problems, not sweat the little things, believe in ourselves and what we know, understand people better, judge the character better, and look at things more objectively. With this awareness and self-belief, we feel that we are breaking down the obstacles (many of which have led to themselves) in what we thought.

Travel in general (at least enlightening customized types) is expensive, logistical, and requires a lot of time, health and energy. However, we have learned to overcome these obstacles while reaping the rewards of this knowledge. And through our own time, we began to prepare and execute the journey to break through the mental barriers that typically keep people from getting to the first place; we encounter complaints that are too expensive, too heavy, too much time for planning, etc. In a sense, it forces you to overcome your complacency, get out of the real world and acquire the intangible assets that are the whole of a better man.

We learned to filter and process information better (so we didn't blast what the media is or say); work (and inevitably our lives), we are less inclined to get hot air and hypocrisy when it comes to political issues, and we also respect different people from different backgrounds (you never know what you can learn from them).

Travel has really given us the tools we need (exposure, education, and perspective) to take the necessary steps to improve our lives, not just our lives. We do not advertise everything to know, but at least things can be put into perspective and act accordingly.


Although we say that traveling is the best education you can get, we do not recommend giving up formal education, nor does it mean that the answer is all our problems. We just say that traveling will teach you to get closer to a more sensible, healthier and happier life if you have an open mind and a good attitude.

However, there are different ways of traveling and we should point out that not all of them help learning. In fact, if you are traveling only for consumption (like resorts, golfing, water sports [not that I condemn these activities]), all of these can come to life without contact with the locals or on the basis of authentic experiences. 39) I can only get to know and know little about local cultures, environments and peoples. You cannot expand your horizons and gain travel education benefits.

We know about consumption that travel is not environmentally sustainable (as the greenhouse gases [GHGs] fly into the upper atmosphere, the aircraft are as close to energy efficiency as the environmental damage caused by the water loss of the resorts. , not to mention all plastic bottle waste). However, we think that if more people have traveled to learn and see or experience really different things, they will better understand, be able to put things in perspective and take steps to make the world a better place and more sustainable. So, with this statement, the same people sometimes would be more willing to find a way to influence travel (not to mention their own way of life), while enjoying the benefits of society (especially school education).

And as far as the school is concerned, I think that traveling can add to your education with worldly experience. This gives you the skills you need to live in school, but retains more experience and remarks during your journey. In addition, it also results in a smarter vote with better leaders. I dare say that those who have not expanded their horizons and had no open minds could not stop the flood of corruption and poor leadership, which has been solved in the great majority of today's world.

So is travel the best education you can get? As far as we are concerned, you can receive!

t We are not rich, but with life-long memories and moments, and with some of the friends we met. We have a deep desire to constantly discover new places using waterfalls as an excuse to see them both in the distance and in the vicinity. We hope we can keep it. Because we never want to stop learning, improve ourselves, and change the world.

Source by Johnny Cheng

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