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Why Do We Try to Make More Money? I'll tell you why, because money buys freedom. Free to go wherever we want. Do what we want; whenever we want. If you're like me, you love to travel. You're wandering and you're bad. Simply put: Money finances our wanderings and the journey is happy. Here's one thing that many do not know – you can really travel and make money at the same time. This article is intended to show you one of the ways to make money travel travel blogging.

Travel blogging anywhere in the world with laptop and internet connection. And this allows you to easily share money with travel experiences. Here are some key aspects to creating a profitable travel blog:

* Choose a travel theme that has the widest market appeal. The blog is like any other product to determine whether it will be successful before you begin, first you need to determine whether there is a market demand for the information provided by the blog. There are several ways to do this. The simplest way to look at the popularity of keywords related to travel topics to be covered by your blogs is. Goggle and Overture offer good free keyword research tools. Find them from any search engine. Make sure you search for related keywords at least 10,000 times in any given month. This number is a good minimum threshold.

* Monetize your blog. You will not earn money with your blog unless you monetize. There are three main ways to monetize a blog: advertising revenue, associated sales, and selling your own products. If you're just starting out, you probably will not have any of your own products, so it's best to start advertising sales and affiliate marketing. For beginners, Google AdSense is a good starting point for good context-based advertising revenue. Affiliate marketing has a number of travel affiliate products found in the Commission Junction and Amazon Associate programs. Many, many more programs can be used to monetize your blog, but I recommend it for easy use.

* Build Reader Time. A blog without visitors will not make money. Period. First, the blog should often include updating good content. This is what keeps readers who find more. After that, the blog must have RSS feeds and be able to capture the email address of visitors who want to choose the newsletter (or create it) or site updates. There is a fair free blogoptin service provided by FeedBlitz. Then, promote your blog by including the e-mail "sig file" link. Also, the reader will usually grow as he sends more. Each time you publish most blog software, you will send ping (notify) about the search engine for the new entry. The more quality pingers you get the higher your blog will appear in the search engine rankings. The higher you get, the more traffic you generate. The more traffic you generate, the more money you have. These are the basics you need to create a profitable travel blog.

If you are traveling and earning money for you on the start of a travel blog.

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