Travel Planning Timeline for Friends and Family Travel

Below is a preview of the time needed to plan the next group trip. Follow this simple schedule and save yourself and your travel group with some serious travel planning headaches.

3–6 months before departure
Creates the travel manager, the main road planner (point person)
Determine the type of travel – possible destinations, topics, budget
Define timing and travel duration
Find quality travel providers who can help you plan but you can also order a trip
Start building a rough route

~ 3 months before departure
Submit visa applications (if applicable)
Book travel security insurance (if applicable)
Safe, required medical documentation forms
Purchase route (deposit or full payment depending on travel provider)

2 months before departure
Make the group and optional activities, tours, etc. Completion (best if there is no major change at this point)
Loading mobile apps on your device and getting to know your friends
Appropriate Youtube videos and Pinterest tables for destination

1–2 months before departure
Make a list of equipment / supplies to purchase
View full route (last option to make changes)
Definition meeting point to start a journey
Spare additions and optional activities

2-4 weeks of before departure
Payment balance paid to travel agent
Ensure payment for all group members and forms and documents required
Update from destination and activity
Confirm bookings, if necessary, directly sitting with the right manufacturers
Sharing emergency contact information
Copies of passports to travel provider and emergency callers
compile a packet list, purchase remaining items, secure cash, etc.

Starting Day
Have Fun With Fun and Incredible New Experience Places and Things
Begin to dream as a group on the next journey

Sometimes, groups have a hard time on the same page and They plan a trip together that is actually different from the ideas "stayed on the table" and never finished. Keep in mind that ideas are cheap and the implementation of these ideas is valuable. So, don't give up. If you will be able to design and have a fantastic destination for your favorite group, where you do a lot of wonderful things together, the group will be a hero forever.

If you have the right placement and personality to handle the group's travel planner, you will love it and recognize it as a hero and leader in the coming years. Of course, you can use Triporama's free travel planner to make planning fun and easy.

Source by Wendell J Willat

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