Travel in Style

The freedom you've been waiting for for a long time. You have tickets, current passports. Do not sacrifice comfort to fashion as you deliver it to paradise – indeed both of you can!

What to do? This is very simple. Do not just squeeze anything into your suitcase, then I hope you have to be able to travel in style. We will help you to get the perfect "fashion show" suitcase for tomorrow!

Traveling to the Airport

Comfortably, but do not overdo it. Do not be a "show" at the airport, paying so much attention to negative as the "rotten man".

turns off the alarms and creates long sequences while disassembled one by one.

Deliver a traveling wallet with your slot, passport and boarding card. Have a pocket during the transfer where jewelery and coins can be placed before security can be removed.

Keep in mind that your coat, poncho or overcrowding can be removed so make sure your underwear is fit for others.

Pack a lightweight coat in white or light shirt with many other garments, neutral trousers and a bag. ]

Be sure to include a cardigan on cooler nights. Pack a versatile dress that you can dress, depending on what you plan. Pack both flat sand grains and sand grains with a slight heel – perfect.

As sparkling, shopping at the destination, the spikes are not in issue! You need comfortable shoes for the mileage that you set up on your feet. You also have to wear jeans or similar type of casual pants, a day or night jacket, a versatile skirt and a dress. ]

Traveling to the beach

Do not spend a week on the beach

on tropics. Just bring the smallest, you will not wear much more than your "hot" tropical position.

Make sure you have a couple of fibrous, flat or nearly flat streaks, do not mind being covered with sand or water. Do not forget your swimsuit or bikinis – the most important one.

Sunglasses and bags are also required. Add a lightweight trousers, cotton blended tees, hats, jeans, or similar type of causal short skirts, shorts and light sweaters.

Take a checklist for yourself. Remember – package for your destination, simple packaging, but fashionable packaging. Add accessories and jewelery and enjoy the fun of paradise!

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