Travel High Educational Value

Travel value as part of education is great. The books provide theoretical knowledge to the students. This is a second-hand knowledge based on the experience of others. The journey teaches students the practical knowledge. Such knowledge is more valuable and more durable. Personal and practical experiences will never be forgotten. They are in a good position in our lives.

Tours, excursions, expeditions, etc. Its value in school and college days is very practical. Strengthen learning and make education easy and fun. History, geography, economics, science, etc. His lessons can best be learned when traveling with historical sites, natural places of interest, factories, large laboratories, and national institutes. Ecology, environmental protection and conservation of forests will be easier when visiting shantytowns, industrially degraded sites and forests. Therefore, they attach great importance to educational tours, expeditions and excursions. The problems of poverty, overpopulation and slums become clearer when they visit the living conditions of the villagers and the Slave people. Lessons in history become simple librarians without museums and historical sites.

Education is ongoing. Do not stop leaving school or dormitory. Life itself is the greatest school and the greatest teacher experience. Travel takes you to different places and people. He has many new and rich experiences. We meet new people, things and places. Practical knowledge acquired during the journey is unmatched. Travel is essential for understanding people, places, and things.

Travel extends the horizons of our knowledge. It extends the mind and increases its heart. It's always enjoyable and entertaining. Modern travel is very fast, simple, economical and convincing. Speed, safety and reliability are no doubt. Students can easily travel to tours and expeditions and receive rich, practical and valuable education. The more journeys, the richer and wider the training and education. Travel is part of education in the young age. Travel teaches students the unity of diversity and diversity in life.

Travel promotes feeling of tolerance and fraternity. It increases and promotes the feeling of nationalism. Travel is a good tool for knowing the country, people, culture and history. Increases business and commercial activity. It brings people closer. Support for cultural, social and national activities is part of liberal education. During the journey, warm, true and true friendships and brotherhoods can arise. Travel modifies our attitudes favorably. It intellectually enlightens us.

A student who never leaves your city or city has a narrow vision. Your prospect is limited and bookmarked. He can never recognize the true magnitude, strength and glorious culture of the country. While traveling, you can easily learn and absorb India's integrity and unity. It is fair to say that a home-made youth is ever crazy. Learning is not complete without traveling

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