Travel Costa Rica: Hotel Reviews

Best Western, Costa Rica

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Stars

It was only 15 minutes from the airport and downtown. I felt as if it were a good transition to being in the United States to be in another country as it is a big international hotel chain. Everybody we spoke with spoke perfect English, but they were local, so they were open to sharing the necessary advice. The rooms are quite average and clean with great views of the courtyard and pool area in the center of the hotel. During the day we swam in the pool (very clean and well maintained) and the hot tub to the side, a little private, "infinity pool" feeling. Overall, this was a simple hotel that is enough for us.

Lomas del Volcan, San Carlos

Rating: 4/5 Stars

To this day is one of the most special and memorable places I've ever stayed. It may look sketchy when you have to leave the main road and drive up this dirty trail up a bit, but then you will reach the normal road and get to the main hotel page to log in. Careful and welcome. It had a simple restaurant, both indoor and outdoor, with a fantastic buffet. From here we had to go further down the slope, and with the luggage we went to our own huts. (Unfortunate disadvantage: nobody around the resort) The flamingosque towels leaned on each bed with rosy pedals. The bathroom was very large and open, which was nice when shared with others. There is a small front porch and a back porch that opens to the beautiful surrounding nature. When we left in the morning, monkeys would hang around the trees just outside the hut! It is also very close to the activities nearby, right at the Arenal Volcano!

Condovac the Costa, Playa Hermosa

Rating: 4/5 Stars

We stayed at this great resort right off the sandy beaches. You're always up and down, so you're doing a good job, but luckily golf clubs are circling to help your guests. The welcome table was very pleasant and many people around them helped. The rooms were ok, not quite 4 star worthy, but everything else that gives me this rating. There was a tennis court, game room, pool, karaoke, endless pool, zumba lessons, salsa lessons, great restaurant, souvenir shop, and most importantly: a private beach entrance that will only lead you to do more! We barely stayed in the hotel room, comfort was so busy. There was no problem here! I really recommend it.

Source by Airina Cortez

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