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I was very competent to travel to many parts of the world while in business countries where I never visited a vacation. There are advantages and disadvantages of working in a foreign country / doing business as a tourist, but I found it very useful. I've created many friends, and I've been invited to a number of collections. homes to meet with their families, enjoy local specialties and visit all local attractions (three times I went to the pyramids of Giza – see the photo on the right) because business partners are always proud to show their country. After all, do not we always take Alberta's visitors to the Rocky Mountains? Foreign business delegates traveling to Calgary always have time to go to Banff, often timed to coincide with the weekend.

Even though I do not sell the product, I think I'm an exporter. This is because I export my experience and knowledge – I basically export a service. There are several Canadian service companies (and consultants), from environmental companies to engineering companies, but not.

There are four ways to get started.

1. Consult.

Overseas consultation essentially exports services. For many Canadians, the first step is to look at the opportunities offered by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) – the Canadian 2.87 billion-dollar support program executive agency.

CIDA supports various development programs, some of which are managed and implemented directly by the beneficiary government and others by Canadian partners. In both cases, experts need some aspect of the project. In my case, I spent a total of three months in Indonesia last year, which provided technical assistance for exports to Bali's clothing manufacturers. In order to work with CIDA, each consultant must register with Consulting and Audit Canada.

However, CIDA does not directly contact anyone, so it is useful to know the partners that work with CIDA and fortunately a list of non-governmental organizations is available on the CIDA website ("voluntary sector" In the search box, select the first result and click & quot; Connecting to CIDA Partners & # 39;).

CIDA also publishes a list of current bilateral projects that includes the name of the primary partner organization, project value, and remaining time. You may be offering these services to these organizations. From the CIDA homepage, click & # 39; Projects & # 39; then CIDA's contracts and contracts. & # 39;

Having gained experience with CIDA, many international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, also hire consulting firms to design, manage, and evaluate their projects. For example, there is now an expression of interest in "rural environmental analysis" in Vietnam. It also promotes relationships within the World Bank, as the $ 100,000 contracts are not public.

Even if you're not in the "development" business, think about what expertise you can offer to other countries.

2. Partner overseas.

Few companies succeed overseas if you do not have a local partner, whether they are selling products or services. The form of export of services (ie a joint venture, a strategic alliance, a capital agreement) is not necessarily a primary consideration, but the Canadian company should have time to determine what it needs and what it wants from a foreign partner. Someone who identifies and resumes the leaders? Workforce to implement some aspects of the project? Administrative assistance? Learn about local laws and customs? Language support? Competitive intelligence? The Canadian partner should also consider what they are doing in partnership. New technology? Expertise? Financing?

CIDA provides funding for Canadian companies developing partners in developing countries under the industrial cooperation program.

You do not have a unique need overseas, but is related to exporting? Do not assume any responsibility – find local partners and enjoy the benefits.

3. Local network.

This method of entering new markets is probably one of the most ignored, even though it poses a low risk. All overseas Canadian companies outsource aspects of the project, usually to someone they know and trust – often one of their domestic suppliers. For example, most Canadian oil and gas companies operate overseas – often in remote areas where housing and hospitality are needed. Rather than relying on local skills, they usually engage camp service with well-known Canadian companies, thereby ensuring the comfort of their staff – as a camp where unlucky and miserable oil workers are doing is not a good thing!

Take a look at your current customers and see if any of them work overseas.

4. Teach. Everyone is aware of the opportunities for overseas English language learning, which my sister is now in South Korea (see photo on the left).

. He signed a contract through a Toronto-based agency, which exports essentially English and Canadian knowledge (he actually sang in Canada in a junior small room without an escort). After graduation, countries that quickly expand their education system require qualified teachers and partnerships with foreign institutions in all professions. There are two things you remember in China and the UAE. However, education and training opportunities are not only within the formal education system. The Canadian Department of Commerce deals with a printed edition of the same edition (June 6 and 19, 2005) with a little dressed model (I think sex also sells business magazines) with the line "The Business of Become China Topmodel." He has been working for four years in China, where white skin is very valuable (and millions of dollars spent in tanning and solarium balms in North America), Canadian model Tracey Grebinsky works with a local talent research institute: 1) Western models of the complexity of working in China; 2) to teach Chinese companies about business modeling (ie contracts, "look", cooperation with agencies, etc.).

Re-evaluate whether or not there is an exportable feature. I really believe that almost anything can be exported.

Pack your bag and get ready for an international adventure.

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