Travel agents are the past?

In the past, before the Internet came out, it was too time consuming or too expensive for the average consumer to deal directly with the tour operator and personally take care of all aspects of the holiday. Travel agents have become a reliable and fast medium through which the holiday consumer has a & # 39; otherwise it would be impossible for the independent consumer.

The role of the travel agent includes three main tasks:

1) Carry out the function of information broker, pass information between buyers and suppliers

2) Process transactions,

3) Advise travelers on the spot, on the spot, what to do and other important information

. . Recently, consumers have discovered that the possibility of a planned vacation can be searched completely online. Users can get specific regional information by clicking on the mouse. Before you start booking, you can easily find small local hotels, local attractions and regional tours.

In the early years of the Internet, consumers did not trust online reservations. It was believed that sharing your credit card information with the Internet was not a safe way of payment. Users are more inclined to search for what they wanted to know and then contact their travel agency, either face to face or over the phone, to book their holiday packages.

The Internet is an effective tool for creating a single and sustainable electronic infrastructure for travelers and suppliers to gather information and conduct business transactions. An ideal way for people to get information about travel. Therefore, it is imperative that travel websites provide useful, relevant and easy-to-find information through the booking facility, if necessary. The Internet can be used for full-scale exploration of the destination, for all aspects of vacation, including travel, and for others with the same ideas or similar experiences. This is an excellent opportunity for travelers to compare and contrast everything before buying.

Online information is continuously formatted and presented in a more logical, easy-to-use and readable format. The number of consumers who rely on this information to make travel decisions will continue to rise. In addition, the features and benefits of using the Internet on research and book days are improving and being added all the time. For example, consumers no longer need to receive printed tickets from the tour operator. They simply print out all the information they need after they receive it automatically via email.

The Internet meant that people can now easily plan their trips. This has not only opened up more affordable discounts for the general public, but is also fun and enjoyable for people planning and booking their own trips.

Travel Agencies are a Past? The future doesn't look too roses for them. Their presence may remain in some special markets where they can provide a unique service to each market segment – but if everyone loves, serve all the & # 39; travel agency, which is likely to have fallen significantly in income in recent years.

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