Top Philippines Destinations and Paradise Points

Discover the Paradise Philippines websites. Take care of the culture and history of the Philippines in the light of ancient churches, ancient forts and modern museums. Paradise Philippines is the best nature paradise on white sandy beaches and three-tiered virgin forests.

Paradise Philippines is an expansive shoreline surrounded by intact beaches and first-class resorts. The deep blue, crystal clear waters of Paradise Philippines offer about 40,000 square kilometers of coastal reefs that live in different marine life.

Paradise Philippines is a tropical climate that offers the perfect paradise for enjoying the sunshine. Located in southeast Asia, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Paradise Islands boast quiet beaches, spectacular sunsets, lush pastoral scenery, cool mountain weather, brilliant man-made paradise, and 7,000+ islands awesome. The Philippines boasts one of the world's best beaches and diving waters. Witnesses of the vast expanse of the Philippine splendor of the natural paradise under the breathtaking Philip Mountain breeze of the cool paradise.

Here are top destinations and paradise spots that are living proof of the Paradise Philippines Paradise Philippines reputation.

Alona Beach, Paradise Philippines

Panglao Island, Bohol (May 6, 2007) – Tourism Minister Joseph Ace Durano opened the first P600 million luxury resort part of the complex that is in the tourist boom. Durano said he was referring to the 16-acre Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, which builds 70 luxurious villas for rich Filipino tourists and visitors from Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Donsol, the Whale of the Whales, Tomato Islands

In the sleepy coastal village on the northwestern slope of the Sorsogon Range, this town is now a first class settlement for giant sea creatures thanks. now attracts the roots of foreign and local tourists who consume millions of pesos to the local economy. Boracay Paradise, Paradise Philippines

One of the most beautiful swimming destinations in the world, Boracay is blessed with unclean fine talcum sandy beaches. The calm, crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing and sunbathing. Boracay also boast sapphire seas and spectacular sunsets. There are countless hidden coves on the island, and tall coconut trees lie along the banks. Boracay lies on the northwest tip of Panay, in the western Visayas region, on the Sibuyan Sea.

Grabbed by Guimaras, Paradise Philippines

Nueva Valencia, Guimaras – Italian two-month holiday in the Philippines decided to include this paradise during their travel and in December 2006 at Raymen Beach Resort, oil spill news did not bother to bring the archipelago into the world in August of the same year. "We are here to see good beaches," said the Boldo couple, who are just among the hundreds of foreign guests who came to Guimaras even after the infamous oil spill.

Wonderful Palawan, Paradise Philippines

Palawan's exotic beauty remains undefiled. The country's last frontier, Palawan is a sanctuary that does not find a wonderful variety of exotic flora and fauna. Over a thousand islands and islands, Palawan white-sand beaches, picturesque rock formations, underwater rivers and amazing caves boast. Palawan is Tubbataha Reef, the only national marine park listed on the World Heritage List and resembling Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The sandy squares of the Cordillera Mountains within a week are an adventure in itself and can be a great learning experience for someone with the courage to rock the rocks look deep into having a good view of the rice terraces. The high rice terraces in the background and the cool breeze that crosses the mountain peaks, traveling through the Cordillera Mountains, are an atmosphere that is strangely different from the daily supply of Manila and its surroundings. , Paradise Philippines

Coron, the city of Busuanga Island in northern Palawan, is still the most sensitive among men. Its natural beauty can only be considered tempting, so the first visitors and the repeaters will make you wonder so hard to shake.

Cebu City, Paradise Philippines

Cebu City invited 403,326 international visitors in 2005 so the South Queens city is the highest destination for foreign travelers. The Department of Tourism (DOT) data also showed that Cebu City attracted 1,813 Filipino overseas and 712,938 domestic travelers. Paglan, Paradise Philippines

If Aklan Boracay, Ilocos Pagudpud, is the northernmost town bordering the South China Sea. Pagudpud's seaside town is the perfect spot for panoramic movies and photography on board the travel magazines. The main sights of the city are the shores of the Saud Sea, which is also known for fine white sand hundreds of feet away and Maira-Ira Point. Pagudpud's other breathtaking landscapes include the Bantay Abot Abbot, the natural statue of the Wind and the Sea, the Mabogabog Falls and the Patapat-viaduct sculpture, and which drive motorists to the green and blue waters of the South China Sea Bohol, Paradise Philippines

Bohol is one of the most beautiful islands in the southern Philippines. In the heart of Visayas, on the beachfront, surrounded by beautiful bays and white sandy beaches. Many highways sprout on sparkling beaches or leafy rivers where anyone can stop and jump. In the mountains and plateaus, crystal springs and beaches, Bohol Province is a picturesque province full of ancient homes and centuries-old temples.

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