Top Five Hot Spots in Jamaica

Arrives in Jamaica, surrounded by blue sky and blue seas. Warm, friendly and beautiful, you can easily access the exotic island's light-hearted comedy life and relaxed surroundings. However, do not miss the discoverer in you, as this island offers a lot of things to do with sights, attractions, adventurous sports and cultural activities. In order to help you plan your vacation, we listed the five most popular sights and attractions that you can not miss: 19459002

o Kingston: Capital is the commercial and cultural center of Jamaica and offers a lot of culture and For entertainment. Visit the 120-year-old Devon House Heritage, which is still hosting local events. Alternately discover the past through the coffee plantation along the southern shore along the Mandeville town, which dates back two centuries.

Negril Beach: Undoubtedly, this 7 mile long white sandy beach is one of Jamaica's most beautiful beaches and hot spots. Seaside bars and outdoor restaurants are located on the edge of a beautiful terrace. Here's the wonderful spot while you leave the hours when you enter the sun or enjoy the cool darkness.

Dunn River Falls : This 600-meter waterfall is extremely popular and eye-catching the spectacle. The cold and pure white foam becomes cascades and splintered through gravel stairs and descends into the Caribbean. The best way to make the most out of this wonderful sight is to visit the waterfall with an experienced driver. Montego Bay: In addition to Negril, Montego Bay is one of the most important holiday resorts in Jamaica. There are several beautiful beaches that can perfectly enjoy exciting water sports or simply absorb the beautiful day. Doctor's Cave Beach is a popular spa resort for most visitors, and they believe the waters are medicinal here. Diving lovers can enjoy a variety of marine life in the Windowmaker Cave in Montego Bay Marine Park. Ocho Rios: If you are a fan of Bob Marley or James Bond, then visit this magical resort. Visit the Bob Marley Mausoleum and, if you are lucky, you can even go to houses and friends near St. Ann. Do not miss the Chukka Cove Zion bus tour that crosses the beautiful countryside and rural villages. A fan of Ian Fleming's popular James Bond series is a visit to Goldeneye, the estate on which Ian Fleming wrote his novels. The two main resorts of Negril and Montego Bay are delightful charming Jamaica villas, ideal for a truly Jamaican holiday. A perfect alternative to hotel accommodations, the Jamaica holiday villas provide the luxury of comfort and amenities with privacy and home-provided space.

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