Top 10 women's adventure destinations across Europe

It's sometimes hard to find adventure trails in Europe, especially if you're a woman. But there are some more places on this continent that can give you the adventure you are looking for. Here are some of our suggestions that will hopefully succeed in the excitement and excitement you are looking for. Before you embark on your adventure, some travel adventure travel insurance will cover your itching for extreme adventures and free you from the risks of unexpected things.

The Highland of Scotland

Cycling and hiking in the Highlands are very picturesque. Go through castles, cows, lawns, and download the romantic atmosphere of the whole route. You can also visit Fort William for exploring Scotland's most popular park, Loch Lomond and Trossachs.


Midi-Pyrénées is one of France's most valuable tourist destinations. The Midi-Pyrenees cover the Dordogne Forest up to the high peaks of the Pyrenees. In winter you can ski here for the heart and try the kayaking in the spring.


Provence in France is very popular on the cycling trail, offering beautiful views. Enjoying the fresh air you can watch the ocean. However, if you want a larger adventure, you can go to rock climbing and even the outcrop. Be sure to provide travel adventure activities before going on any sailing adventure in any case.

Northern Norway

Northern Norway is very close to the Arctic Circle and is only a few hundred miles from the highest point in the Earth. This, of course, leads to winter skiing and summer kayaking. At night the northern lights appear in the dark sky, the perfect way to end the day. Croatia

t Freshwater kayaking means going through the forest, making the adventure more memorable.

The Rhone Alps

If you die to see the Alps and ski on the slopes, the Rhone Alps is the place to go. But skiing is not the only thing you can do here. There are rock climbing in the area and there are 8 nature parks, so hiking is also a good option.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites are located in Italy. Here you can go hiking and the best ferrate route in the world. You can see the majesty of the Brenta Mountains while riding the route. This can be a challenging trip to prepare accordingly.


In Iceland, you can be sure that Akureyi's glaciers, fjords and picturesque coasts will be. Try dog ​​sledding and ice climbing at this location.

Cairngorms National Park

This national park is located in Scotland and is known for its scenic hiking trail in Wester Ross. The Caledonian Pine Forest is inside the park, as well as the Arctic plateau in the wilderness where you can see a lot of things while exploring the area.


The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. Only on the outskirts of the city are rural villages, towns of Lake Balaton near the coast, and forests that are a great place for excursions. Lahemaa National Park is also a must in Tallinn.

There are many opportunities in Europe to provide adventurous women. It's not about the challenge, but about the beauty of these places, ideal for women who love to go outdoors and the limitations of their challenge. To be safe, travel insurance may be a cause of concern for adventure activities.

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