Tips for Traveling to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wonderful Chinese region and a significant draw for many travelers seeking to explore different cultures and international customs. It consists of more than 200 islands, a population of seven million people – a city!

Located in East Asia, Hong Kong is located near the South China Sea. In 1997, the city returned to China after renting to Great Britain – this was a sufficient event and cause for the celebration of the Chinese people. Formerly afraid of losing their homeland to Britain, citizens have twisted parties for weeks. Now, although it is neither its own country nor technically a city, China's "region".

Hong Kong's official languages ​​are Chinese and English, as many residents speak fluent. Most foreigners have no difficulty in communicating because Chinese people speak more languages, business and other pragmatic reasons. The type of money used is the Hong Kong dollar – always check the exchange rate at the time of your trip.

This place in China is known to be a very modern region with wonderful food, energetic and hard working people, plenty of shopping areas that rival some of the most popular in the world and the local customs of their lively areas. In fact, there is much to be done and seen, it is difficult to know where to start. If you are traveling and planning a purchase, look around and compare prices. Depending on where you are at that time, much more could be liquidated than a half-block away street.

There is a large public transport system on Earth that uses the Octopus payment card. This card is indispensable for getting the city, as almost everyone pays shipping fees, except taxis. It can be used in restaurants, small shops and almost any other conceivable purchase. When you travel to this part of the world you have to be able to see a lot of things, so you should start slowly and do not miss the time you have essentially tried everything. catch. Definitely involves Hong Kong on the route, which is the most urban district. Kowloon is also a great place for an excursion. It offers the best views on the horizon and is one of the world's most populous cities.

Make sure you take the train by train, enabling you to enjoy all that this region offers. From the fabulous food to the wonderful culture you can seriously fail in Hong Kong.

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