Tips for publishing your first article on your first blog

If you have just started blogging after you have created your first blog and made some settings on the blog, we will soon face the work that is already waiting for us to load

Usually the first question that appears on their heads after the completion of their blog:

What should I write on this blog?

Like me when I first started blogging two years ago. Here are some tips or instructions on how to write the first article on your blog

1. Describe yourself

These steps are most important to start blogging. It is also an opportunity to tell the reader who you are. Because the reader has the right to know who is behind the read articles. They will feel more confident with the information they receive on their blog. Tell them some information about your interest, personal experience, and maybe it will attract them to be regular visitors to your blog

2. Reason for blogging

Write some information about your opinion about your decision to participate in blogging. Blogging is not just about sharing your opinion or sharing your interest, but telling them about the big picture of the blogging world

3. Tell your blog

When readers visit your blog, want to know what your blog is about and what you will write on your blog later. You can also tell them about the upcoming article and this will make the reader on your blog.

4. Encourage readers to read comments after reading

To build links with a blog reader, you can create two-way communication by encouraging readers to comment on blog. Public participation in comments increases the popularity of the blog and is good for search engine optimization .

Obviously describe the first reader of the blog comment policy that their comments do not violate certain limits. You can use comment policy extensions and post your blogs. It's like in the comments section below my blog.

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