Tips for getting Thai girls online: Do not be naughty!

One Thai girl friend Joy wants to meet a man from the United States, Canada or Europe. I suggested joining Thai Love Links because it is the most popular web site on the Internet, and most Thai and foreign men say they want to meet Thai girls.

The joy filled the Thai Love Links information. Thai women usually join for free, which means that men have to use the premium service to get in touch with the ladies. The price is just $ 25 a month, so most of the men who want to buy Thai ladies online or in Thailand before traveling. You must be concerned about hours and hours on MSN or Yahoo messenger. Believe me when I say Joy and literally thousands of beautiful girls use this service. A few days later, three men contacted Joy. Both men looked good, but one of the boy's pictures looked like what Joy called "not a pro." This tip # 1. If you use Thai Love Links or other Thai dating sites, always use a nice photo! You do not have to be proficient in any way, but make sure you are clean, well-dressed and happy.

So Joy scratched the guy right away with his bad image on his list. But who knows this could be Joy's dreams if he uses only a decent photo!

The other two photos look good. The two were at the beginning of the 40s or 50s (Joy 22, but not unusual that Thai women are very attracted to older aliens) and very respectable photographs of themselves. Joy immediately contacted both of them.

The first guy at the time was online. Joy and man chatted for a few minutes and everything went well. Then he quickly changed the object and offered Joy 30,000 Baht to stay with him for a month while traveling. This violates Rule 2, which means that most TLLs do not have prostitution! Yes, probably somebody there, but the overwhelming really great Thai ladies like Joy. These girls obviously accept their request and will never hear them again.

So Joy had three men in touch with him, but two got very quick. Joy sent an email to the third guy for about a month. under 2 weeks. The two really got caught, and Joy really loved this man. The guy is traveling to Thailand and spending some time in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, Joy lives on the island of Samui.

The guy who came to Thailand on vacation several times several times asked for joy in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. The relationship was soon exhausted because Joy could not go to this location. This rule 3, which travels to Thailand, always go to the girl and never go to her. Joy is an undergraduate student and department. Obviously, he did not have time to travel. Most of the girls on Thai Love Link or the students or working during the day. The guy, however, was on vacation and could more easily meet the little girl in her hometown. This is also a security issue when Thai girls meet their foreigners for the first time. Generally, she wants to bring another friend (usually a girlfriend or a warm Thai person) for security reasons.

So joy is still looking for man. I hope I can learn from the mistakes of our three guys who are profiled today so that you do not miss yourself. If you hate these tips in your heart, you can quickly find that a Thai girl loves you a lot, if you look good, respect and respect your time.

Source by Drew Patterson

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